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Oh Beauty Interiors was featured in the July/August 2019 issue of the magazine for their work on the Gilmore Project. The article relays parts of Gabrielle’s design ethos and ambitions.

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The July 2019 issue showcased Gabrielle’s Gilmore Project, where she aimed to design not just a home but “to communicate something much deeper: the safety, joy, and inspiration a thoughtfully a designed home brings.”

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apartment therapy

“Go with items that you love even if they’re not on trend, because that is what makes a home unique. In a time when social media causes a lack of uniqueness in people’s designs, the thing that still makes me gasp is when I walk into a space that is completely unique and personal.”

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haute residence

“Our vision for this newly built house in an up-and-coming neighborhood of Los Angeles was to transform it into the perfect gathering space for our social bachelor client.”

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