11 essential features that every luxury apartment must have

Despite the economic crisis faced by Brazil, the luxury real estate market remains heated in the country. The demand for high-end homes increased, mainly, with the technological innovations presented by the construction companies. However, for a luxury apartment to receive this title, several criteria must be met.

In addition to a privileged location, other aspects interfere in this definition, such as renowned architects, modern equipment, high-quality finishes and others. Below, we show the essential features that every luxury apartment must-have. Check out!

1. Best Locations

The valuation of a residence is based mainly on the location. A good neighborhood needs to surround the apartment. The neighborhood’s tradition, the presence of parks and wooded areas, the maintenance of the building and the proximity to luxury shopping centers are points taken into account when defining a house as noble.

2. High standard finish

Luxury is also in the details. Therefore, the differentiated and high-quality finish is a basic requirement for an apartment to be considered of a high standard. Fine materials such as marble, onyx, fine woods — angelim, walnut, sucupira, etc. — porcelain, granite, chrome steel are some examples.

The design and the way the items are arranged also enhance the environment. After all, the resident must feel that the investment was worth it. In addition, an important factor is the durability of the material used, which must have a longer life than that of common household products.

3. Lighting project

Speaking of details, luxury projects place great value on ambient lighting. When done properly, a lighting job brings sophistication and warmth to the space.

For this, the project must focus on the correct arrangement of chandeliers, light spots, sconces and other elements. Luxury developments value this decoration with light, both indoors and outdoors — in gardens, swimming pools, leisure areas, gourmet spaces, halls and other places.

4. Smart plant

Living in a luxury apartment is synonymous with refinement, comfort and exclusivity. All of this must be identified even in the research on the property — and an intelligent floor plan helps to visualize all these differences.

In this way, it is possible to have a sense of the space with the decoration options provided by the construction company. The idea is to offer the buyer a vision of what the apartment will be like, so that he has the feeling that this is the right house for his family. Another advantage of this type of plant is the possibility of customization according to the needs and preferences of the residents.

5. Signature of a renowned architect

As in the fashion world, exclusivity and high quality are essential to identify a luxury apartment. Another common detail is the reputation of the professional behind the model.

A luxurious building is usually designed by famous architects in the construction world. Some enterprises even make associations with internationally renowned names — such as Cyrela by Pininfarina, which has the signature of an office responsible for important projects recognized for their design.

6. Great leisure area

Exquisite developments have more than a swimming pool and a playground for children. They’re surrounded by perks everywhere — including spas, gourmet areas, sports courts (tennis, squash, volleyball, etc.), sauna, party and game rooms, and gym.

In addition, luxury buildings have landscaping projects that promote well-being for the resident. It is noteworthy that these common spaces, as they offer the latest equipment, are as luxurious as the interior of the apartments.

7. High-security standard

Security is one of the biggest concerns today. For this reason, a luxury building must offer differentiated services to ensure the integrity of its residents.

Biometric identification, highly trained security guards, remote viewing cameras, modern alarm systems, password elevators and the use of drones are just some of the security differentials offered in high-end buildings.

8. Service infrastructure

A growing trend in prime real estate — and one that has pleased residents and future buyers — is the offer of services that facilitate the daily lives of residents and visitors.

Some developments have a professional Facility Manager and offer amenities such as a personal trainers, day laborers, cooks and masseurs. Also, in some condominiums, there are stores, restaurants and grocery stores. Thus, residents do not even need to leave the comfort of their homes to have access to these facilities.

9. Advanced technology in the apartment

As we said, technology is largely responsible for defining a luxury apartment. The more advanced, the better for the resident. Today, we have properties that can be controlled by cell phones.

Home automation includes alarm activation, opening and closing of doors and windows, turning on lights, blocking entry passwords, monitoring security cameras in the home and surroundings.

10. Privacy

Privacy is also highly valued in luxury properties. Therefore, some outstanding features in these projects are sound insulation, high walls, security cameras and presence sensors.

In addition, there are apartments with private elevators and private areas with a sauna, swimming pool and gym. In other words, if the buyer wants to have comfort and leisure with greater privacy, there is the option of units with individual equipment and private spaces.

11. Optimized environments

In the past, the footage was a significant factor in identifying a luxury property. Today, however, there are lofts considered to be of a high standard and that have less than 50 m2.

For this reason, an important feature is the optimization and use of space. The modern consumer likes functional, creative environments with well-distributed furniture and equipment, which meet everyone’s needs with the necessary comfort.

As it was possible to notice, throughout the post, for an apartment to be considered a luxury apartment, two important factors must be united in all aspects: high quality and modernity. It is this junction that brings the difference to the residence.

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