LGBTQIA+ Pride Month: See how agencies are working diversity and inclusion into their routines

June is LGBTQIA+ Pride Month and we invited some RD Station partner agencies to tell how diversity has been exercised in the company

June is LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, you already know that. But far beyond the rainbow colors stamping the logos, the date has been the starting point for diversity initiatives within companies.

I am a community manager for RD Station partner agencies, and I had the opportunity to meet agencies that are managing to take practical actions based on the theme out of the paper. And thus, stimulating the growth and development of its employees, customers and stakeholders.

I invited three of them to tell you a little more about how this is possible here for you.

Social responsibility and diversity are no longer a prerequisite, but a necessity.

The Hubify, agency partner RD Station, believes that the corporate social responsibility within the communities of which they are part is no longer a prerequisite, but a necessity. Therefore, diversity is one of the pillars of the agency’s culture.

Laís Bolina, leader of the diversity front, told us that one of the examples of this need is the scenario caused by the new coronavirus pandemic, which further emphasizes how humanization and diversity are essential to overcome moments of crisis and positively impact people in small or large scale.

In addition, she believes that it is impossible to talk about marketing made to different people, without different minds contributing to generate these solutions. 

The biggest mistakes companies make in terms of diversity could be avoided if more people from different backgrounds and experiences were not only part of the company, but invited to the decision-making process. (Laís Bolina, diversity leader at Hubify agency)

In addition to theory, it is necessary to put these actions into practice. And Hubify has some super interesting examples of how to do that:

  1. Today one of the team members is responsible for the diversity front for member companies of the IAB (or Interactive Advertising Bureau). It organizes meetings, documents, and guides so that all companies in the group have enough inputs to promote and welcome diversity within these three main fronts;
  2. The agency’s leaders receive training aimed not only to hire differently but to include diverse people within Hubify’s reality;
  3. An initiative was carried out with the Municipality of Mogi das Cruzes, the agency’s host city, to train low-income people on Digital Marketing and also enable the opening of diversity fronts that are less evident, such as socioeconomic and age.

Hubify is proud to say that today it has exactly 50% gender balance at all levels of leadership and management in the company, from supervisors to decision-making, including the corporate structure.

Now the challenge is to bring other fronts of diversity, with other races, sexual orientations and gender diversity to these same positions.

It is important to do your homework before positioning yourself for the market 

The CUPOLA agency, which operates in the real estate market, which is considered quite conservative, went first to do their homework and then move forward with this discussion with the market and clients.

The strategy used was the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion squad. Rodrigo Werneck, CEO of the agency, told us what led them to this decision:

The creation of the squad was a natural evolution of the development of our people management. We had the need to mature the discussion about diversity and inclusion, which was evidenced in the certification process we carried out for the Great Place to Work. We hired an expert consultancy in Diversity and Inclusion, which helped us in the initial awareness of the team and in choosing the format of action, as a squad, something that already works within the structure of CUPOLA.

The squad is formed by two fixed representatives – one of the partners and a professional from HR, in addition to a group of 6 representatives from the other squads. These have a kind of mandate lasting 6 months.

In addition to consulting and initial training, CUPOLA also created the code of ethical conduct, which establishes parameters for a warm relationship among the team. “We have already carried out the diversity census, which was essential to define the squad’s performance objectives, and we are already holding meetings of our collective. We even had one today to talk about LGBT phobic expressions to avoid, because of the LGBTQIA+ Pride Day” , said Michel Prado, leader of CUPOLA’s Diversity and Inclusion squad.

In addition, the squad will hold meetings with the CUPOLA collective to address issues such as religious, generational, and gender diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities.

Actions impact on improving the organizational climate

We expanded our discussion with the team, creating new points of listening, both through collective meetings and through the establishment of reporting channels that did not exist before. We were also able to expand our diversity, attracting talents to our company that had never been part of the team, such as people with disabilities and trans people. (Rodrigo Werneck)

For the market, CUPOLA considers itself in the awareness stage. It has already included the agenda of diversity and inclusion in content in the Imobi Report, which is its specialized content platform for the real estate market, with more than 15 thousand subscribers, and also as a lecture theme at Cupola Diving, an event restricted to the agency’s clients, held at the end of 2020.

Diversity beyond Pride Day

“The date of Pride Day is always an important milestone as it is intrinsically connected to our culture of diversity,” said Samira Cardoso, CEO of Layer Up.

Last year, the issue of the pandemic was still very recent and caught them unprepared, as the idea was to celebrate Pride Day with a happy hour in person, which was no longer possible. But then came a more intimate and personal idea that the moment demanded.

Along with a small multidisciplinary group created to discuss and create endomarketing actions, one of the professionals volunteered to write a letter to the team. This letter was sent by email, and everyone was thrilled.

“It was really cool to integrate the team into our Skype group after the email and, above all, the awareness it generated,” said the agency’s CEO.

At Layer Up, there’s a special moment in the onboarding of new contributors to get into the delicate topic “what’s wrong here?”. After presenting the company’s history and values, a moment is held to clarify everything that is not admitted, such as disrespect and prejudice of any kind, and emphasize that the team’s diversity in all aspects is valued.

“Machista, racist, homophobic, fat-phobic or otherwise disrespecting one’s nature and identity jokes and jokes is zero tolerated and really gets really bad,”  said Samira Cardoso, CEO of Layer Up.

Afterward, this more serious atmosphere is broken with photos of costume parties and super fun things, on the other hand, that freedom doesn’t look bad here.

And in this month of June, all digital channels were customized with some publications produced to positively contribute to the LGBT community.

We believe that the more companies and individuals who show support and respect for diversity, the greater our influence in combating homophobia. (Samira Cardoso)

 Excellent performance and grades above the market average

The Layer Up team recognizes and highly values ​​the agency for its commitment and seriousness to the Diversity theme. In the words of the CEO:

We feel that all these actions reinforce for our team the construction of respect that we demand among people.

In the GPTW certification, the agency had an excellent performance and obtained marks above the market average in the Impartiality items. “Really knowing that we have created and strengthened a professional space that is based on respect is for us the greatest of our awards, and (for me personally) the most honorable professional achievement, ” said Samira.

What is your agency doing for Diversity and Inclusion?

I leave you with this reflection, or an invitation to share in the comments the actions you have been doing out there. More than just celebrating LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, it’s important to commit to building a better, more diverse, and inclusive market every day.