5 amazing tips for decorating upscale real estate

Who has never dreamed of living in an eye-popping house or apartment? Exclusive, high-end properties are increasingly present in large cities. In these homes, you can find comfort, technology, security and a lot of sophistication.

However, for the environment to be impeccable and meet all the needs of its residents, it is essential to pay extra attention to the decoration. Choosing the right colors, looking for quality finishes, and enriching the look with details are some steps that will make all the difference in the result.

Thinking about it, we selected 5 special tips to help you create an amazing space. Check out!

1. Bring the details to life

To begin your luxury decor, the first step is to pay attention to detail. That’s right! Often, we worry about choosing furniture with a bolder design or that high-end coating and forget about the details.

This idea can be applied in every room of the property and means paying attention to the decorative objects and also to the finishes. Let’s go to the examples? If you are looking for a very elegant option to style the ceiling, how about replacing the traditional lining with crown molding?

Exquisite, this plaster finish model joins the walls and ceiling and provides a uniform look to the room. To make it even fancier, you can add frames elsewhere in the home, such as baseboards, beams, or columns.

Another suggestion is to give the furniture a unique touch. Make a thorough choice of handles, looking for options well-crafted and produced from quality materials. Chrome and mirror models are excellent for transforming the combination. Try it!

2. Choose the right colors

As in clothing, colors play a very important role in decoration. We can say that the shades dress the environment and are responsible for awakening a series of sensations in any environment.

When it comes to high-end properties, choosing the right color palette is even more important. After all, with the right combination, you’ll be able to print a  clean and sophisticated look to the space. As the proposal is to make the look more elegant, you should choose neutral and soft colors. The most used for this purpose are:

  • white:  excellent for transmitting sensations of cleanliness and spaciousness;
  • grey:  subtle option for those looking for a more sober and, at the same time, very elegant touch;
  • beige:  in high-quality decoration, beige can be applied in different shades and is ideal to serve as a base for a color palette;
  • black:  timeless, black adds elegance and modernity to the space. When applying it, be careful not to make the look too dark and overloaded.

If your space has large dimensions — and if you miss a little more color and originality — there is the possibility of using striking tones, such as:

  • red:  bold, red will give more personality to your combination. Use sparingly on decorative objects such as light fixtures and  pillows;
  • turquoise:  ideal for those who want a refined and relaxing space, with a touch of freshness;
  • yellow:  synonymous with luxury and joy. It is the right alternative to be applied in spaces such as the kitchen or the dining room.

3. Use art pieces in environments

Can you imagine enhancing your property even more with works of art? Contrary to what many people imagine, it is not necessary to acquire expensive pieces from international artists to compose the decoration.

In that case, you can buy works produced by local artists, often found in galleries or art exhibitions. Paintings, photographs, sculptures, or even furniture created by an artisan are excellent ways to bring more style to the rooms.

When choosing the piece, be careful! Choose items that reflect your personality and speak to the rest of the decor. If the color palette is more neutral, use, for example, a frame full of vibrant and cheerful tones. This is an excellent alternative to break the monotony of space.

4. Invest in the best materials

Undoubtedly, the choice of materials can completely influence the decoration of a  luxury property. Therefore, it is essential to choose options that are visually pleasing and, above all, that offer the maximum quality for your home. Think of this idea as an investment in your home. Some of the most used noble materials in sophisticated spaces are wood and marble.

Wood is an option that never goes out of style. Very elegant, the material offers long durability and is excellent when used as a floor covering for internal areas, making the environment more beautiful and welcoming. For an even more refined result, prefer dark tones.

Marble, in turn, is one of the most classic materials in high-end projects. Versatile, the element can be used in many ways, such as covering floors, walls, or countertops. Furthermore, it is an alternative that combines very well with wood, cement, and metalized parts.

5. Think carefully about lighting

A good lighting project is the best way to enhance all the details of your decoration. As it is a more sophisticated combination, this is the time for you to be daring and use pieces that really give a special shine to the environment.

Light spots are widely used and can be installed strategically to highlight specific corners of a room. To make the environment more intimate, position the spot directly on an armchair or a shelf. Also, the right choice of chandelier will make all the difference in the look. If you prefer more delicate models, crystal pendants are perfect and go well with any style.

All this without forgetting the right shade of the lamps. In resting places, such as the living room and bedrooms, prioritize soft yellow lighting. On the balcony, in the kitchen, or in the bathroom, the cold and more intense options are indicated.