5 ways to keep your family routine at home!

For many people, maintaining a family routine is a constant challenge. After all, we live in a time when we have a thousand and one activities outside the home and we always try to run out of time to make the most of the day. Therefore, reconciling schedules is not always easy.

However, in the midst of social isolation, in which Brazilians spend a good part of the day at home with their families, people are realizing that this difficulty continues; and they don’t know what to do to reverse this situation.

With that in mind, we’ve brought you a step-by-step guide that will be useful to allow you to make the most of the routine with your loved ones. Check out!

The importance of family routine for quality of life

At first, it is necessary to understand the importance of the family routine and how it impacts your quality of life. That’s because it’s not just about making yourself present in the lives of people you care about, strengthening connections with those you live with or having someone to talk to and spend time with during social isolation. It’s much more than that!

The family routine involves strengthening bonds with your relatives and making sure that, together, you will support and help each other, at all times in your life. After all, the family is the foundation of everything, isn’t it? She is our foundation, our source of emotional support. Therefore, good family life is essential for the well-being and mental health of any individual.

Ways to create a routine with the family

Now that we’ve talked about the importance of the family routine, it’s time to introduce you to some simple and effective ways to have more interaction, partnership, and bonding with your relatives. So take note of some essential steps!

1. Have a meal together every day

The first step is to have at least one meal a day where everyone gathers around the table and eats together—something that should be repeated throughout the week until it becomes a habit. A good option is a dinner.

This moment will serve not only to bring everyone together and ensure that the family has healthy eating habits but mainly for you to get to know your relatives and better understand what goes on in their lives.

After all, dinner is a time of relaxation and relaxation in which people feel more willing to comment on the day they had, talk about personal experiences, celebrate acts of kindness they witnessed, mention what activities they have been doing to pass the time. , punctuate the challenges and surprises of online classes and remote work during social isolation, etc.

2. Make time for an activity that brings everyone together

Aside from meals, set aside family time for an activity that is designed to entertain, relax, and amuse everyone—something that is essential for letting go of problems, reducing stress and anxiety, and slowing down the pace of everyday life.

No wonder that when something is pleasurable and gives us good memories, we automatically want to repeat the experience. Now imagine when she is tied to your family? Do you see how productive this can be to bring everyone together? As options for this moment, you can suggest a movie session, a night of games and contests, a karaoke competition and whatever else your imagination thinks about.

3. Play and have fun together with the kids

For those who have children at home, the suggestion is to take advantage of the playtime to join them. This is because the little ones are more receptive and open to interacting with adults precisely in these situations. It only takes once a week for you to get involved with your children’s world, understand how they see the moment they are living and if they have any fear or uncertainty.

This is a great opportunity to show that you are there with them, no matter what they need. It is also important to validate the commitment to imagination and creativity they employ in play—which is great for children’s self-esteem—and to monitor their development.

4. Exercise as a family

Aside from the above, you can also set aside time in your schedule and get the family together so everyone can exercise together and embrace it as part of their daily lives. It can be something done daily, every other day or three times a week, for example.

The interesting thing is that this type of activity, in addition to promoting physical and mental health for everyone involved – something essential during the quarantine – offers the opportunity for you to create a bond around one or more sports practices, such as yoga, pilates, weight training etc.

5. Keep working hours from before quarantine

Another important step is that, by having the possibility to do remote work, you keep the same hours you worked at the company before the beginning of social isolation. That is, if in your normal routine your workload goes from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, with a 2-hour meal break, keep putting it into practice while you work at home.

This will prevent you from being overwhelmed by office chores and giving up household activities, children’s games and free time when you can interact and relate to your family. Without this control, you run the risk that your day will be reduced to solving the company’s pending issues.

See how you can maintain a light, harmonious family routine, with positive energy and a focus on productivity and self-care even during social isolation? So follow the suggested step by step and involve all your loved ones in this process. After all, with the union, it is much easier to face and overcome the challenges posed by quarantine.

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