Apartment barbecue: discover the models and choose yours

Apartment with barbecue.

For barbecue lovers, having a barbecue grill can be a big dream, because, in addition to enabling the preparation of delicious meals, it is perfect for gathering family and friends for lunch or even celebrations. But the acquisition of this desire may be considered impossible by many when we think of residential buildings. After all, there is no barbecue for an apartment, is there?

The answer is wrong and this concept is very old and outdated. Currently, the market offers ideal options for barbecues for apartments, varying between models with different types of operating mechanisms, which can adapt very well to your home.

Another very popular option for those who love to have a barbecue at home are apartments with barbecue facilities. Several builders adopted the Brazilian custom in the layout of the apartment, so many started to include infrastructure in the property to receive the barbecue and some of them even deliver the object ready for use.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a new property with a barbecue or just want options to make your dream come true by adapting your home, see below how to choose, where to place and the options of barbecue models for apartments that you can have in your property.

How to choose your apartment barbecue

Before thinking about barbecue models for apartments, we must understand some factors that can interfere with the possibility of having a barbecue or not.

Confirm with the condominium 

Open kitchen integrated into the apartment. Barbecue for an apartment in the kitchen, a possibility if the space is well planned.

Before starting to think about the various options you have, it is important to check with your condominium the possibility of installing the barbecue. Some internal regulations have predetermined standards for the installation of the equipment or even do not allow its installation due to the lack of infrastructure to receive it.

In most equipment, some specific infrastructure is needed to work correctly, such as an exhaust system, gas network or electrical point. Without these prerequisites, it is impossible to install a barbecue in your apartment within safety standards.

Choose the correct location inside the apartment

Balcony with barbecue for apartment. Balcony with table and barbecue for the apartment, with sink and cabinets, is the ideal space for celebratory barbecues.

Often this equipment is installed on terraces or balconies, and all barbecue models adapt well to these environments; if they have the necessary infrastructure, just install it.

So you can plan your own space for your barbecues, the environment can be designed to have a support bench, which facilitates the preparation of meals, and tables, to sit and eat. The space is complete to enjoy your special moments with family and friends.

But if you want a barbecue outside these environments, it is also possible. Many layouts place the equipment near or even in the kitchen. This installation is more costly and labor-intensive, takes longer to get ready and needs an extremely qualified workforce.

Hire the necessary professionals 

The need for specialized professionals is not just for grills in different areas of the apartment, that is, always choose to hire architects or interior designers who already have experience with the subject and know how to make more technical decisions involving installation and materials. So the cost can be a little high, but it will ensure safety and that you don’t have future problems with your barbecue.

Apartment barbecue models

Now that we understand all the infrastructure needed to have an apartment barbecue, you are ready to learn a little more about the various models and their specific characteristics. Below are four common models that can be used in residential buildings.

Electric barbecue for the apartment

Balcony complete with lounge, dining area and bench. Electric barbecue for the apartment, located on the balcony, the space is complemented with a lounge and dining table.

The electric barbecue is the most popular model for apartments, with models that are compact and easy to install, they can even be portable. Working through an electricity point, the equipment generates almost no smoke and is very suitable for indoor environments such as kitchens.

There are several options of electric barbecue for apartments, which can be used above a surface, or built into furniture on the balcony or in the kitchen. With the possibility of a model with a swivel function, which allows the barbecue to cook evenly.

The electric barbecue is easy to maintain, as it does not accumulate grease on the internal parts, making it easy to clean. It needs an electrical network that is planned to support the equipment, and its big disadvantage is that frequent use can increase the energy bill at the end of the month.

Charcoal barbecue for apartment 

Balcony with stool for meals and support area. Charcoal barbecue for an apartment, with exhaust duct and countertop with cabinets and sink.

Another very common model found in apartments is the charcoal barbecue. You’ll hardly be able to install one in your home if it doesn’t already have its own structure for it, since the equipment needs an exhaust system because it generates a lot of smoke.

Usually, the necessary infrastructure is found on the terraces and balconies, being an exhaust duct. With several options of the model on the market, it is ideal for those who like the true smoked taste of barbecue and don’t mind having a bigger job cleaning the equipment. The downside of the model is that every time you decide to use it, you’ll need to stock up on coal.

Apartment gas barbecue

Dining bench integrated into the kitchen and living room. Gas barbecue for the apartment on a countertop, connected to the kitchen, and the social area is part of the space for reception.

With a structure similar to a small stove or rotating roasting pan, the apartment gas barbecue is a great option for those looking for equipment that makes little smoke and is practical, as it can be easily turned on with a button.

It can be fixed on top of furniture or benches and even built-in, it needs to be powered by a gas source, piped or by cylinders. An excellent choice for indoor environments due to low smoke, it is also easy to clean. The model is the most ecological among all barbecue grills, since it does not use energy or charcoal, it prepares delicious barbecues with all the practicality you can have.

Models can also be portable

Portable barbecue.

An option for those who do not have enough space or adequate infrastructure to install a fixed barbecue in their apartment is to opt for portable models. They can be electric, coal and even gas, but be careful with this type of model.

If your apartment does not have its own infrastructure to receive the barbecue, your condominium probably does not allow its use and without a correct exhaust system you can end up bothering your neighbors with smoke.

After all, what is the best barbecue model for an apartment?

As understood, the various models depend on specific characteristics for your installation, so there is no ideal model. You will find, with the help of a professional, the type of barbecue that will be best for your apartment’s infrastructure.

Learned all about barbecue grills and were you excited to choose yours? Now all that’s left is to install and make your barbecue.

Did you know that there is also a barbecue for vegetarians and even vegans? It is an alternative for those who have adopted this lifestyle and do not consume meat or animal-derived foods. Interested in the subject? Check out our full vegan and vegetarian barbecue content to learn recipes and how to make them!