Apartment plans: What is a kitnet?


Ever wonder what a kitnet is?

There are different types of real estate in the real estate market. There are options for those looking for greater comfort, a more practical location or even a more functional home, such as the kitnet.

With that in mind, it’s interesting to know the possibilities and find out which of the available options best suits your needs. Plus, of course, it’s within your budget.

The kitnet, for example, is a type of compact property that has conquered many people looking for comfort and security, albeit in a smaller space. A perfect option for those who want to live alone in a big city and are looking for apartments for sale in São Paulo, for example.

What is kitnet?

Kitchenette with bedroom with bed and bedside table, and part of the dining room with tables and chairs.

Bedroom and part of the dining room of a kitnet.

Kitnet is a word derived from the English “kitchenette”, which means “small kitchen”. It is the result of the combination of kitchen (“kitchen”) and dinette (“small dining room”). In Portuguese, it is called a kitchenette. Despite this being its literal meaning, it is not a property reduced to a single room.

It is an apartment with smaller proportions and few rooms, usually only three: bathroom, living room together with the bedroom, and kitchen combined with the service area.

Thus, with the reduced space, the rooms coexist despite the absence of walls between them. For example, one of the most recurrent features in this type of property is the division of the bedroom and kitchen made by a counter.

Is it worth investing in a kitnet?

Kitnet with living room and bedroom. Space is optimized through the use of light colors and glass dividers. Optimized space on the kitnet.

Among the compact properties, this is one of the simplest and most popular. In fact, the trend was quite successful in Brazil between the 1960s and 1970s, with great popularity in urban centers.

And despite not being a luxury property, it is the ideal choice for those who want to live alone and want a location closer to the subway, the city center, universities, or even need to save money.

It is also a great option for those looking to save time in tidying and cleaning their home, as it occupies an area measuring between 20 m² and 40 m² (maximum 50 m²), it is possible to spend less time sweeping your home, for example.

Thus, the kitnet proves to be a great option.

What are the advantages?

It is possible to have the kitchen very close to the living room in a kitchenette, even if there is no physical separation between the rooms.

Spaces can coexist freely in a kitnet.

Generally, buildings or condominiums in which there are kitnets have a large number of units per floor. This is one of the factors that help to reduce expenses, such as the maintenance of common areas, for example.

Therefore, the amounts of taxes, such as IPTU rates, and rent, are also lower.

And even though their structure is simpler, as they are an ever-increasing trend, the kitnets are inserted in a very diversified market, which makes it easy to find from simpler units to more refined ones with complete decoration.

How to decorate your kitnet

Bed and part of the room decorated with white elements bring spaciousness to the environment.

Small details already make the difference and make the space more functional.

With the right decoration, that is, one that best meets your needs and matches your style, it is possible to transform the environment and obtain a cozy and charming home. To decorate your kitnet, the ideal is to think about optimizing the space.

Choosing a functional decoration can help with this optimization. For this, opt for furniture that can perform more than one function, so it is possible to obtain greater functionality, which complements the beauty of the place with practicality.

Functional furniture, such as the bed with wheels for example, brings more practicality to the kitnet.

A good idea for the kitnet is to use more functional furniture. The colors for the walls and specific lighting. It is also possible to bring more colors to your kitnet with items with more vibrant colors, such as pillows and vases, for example.

Remember, quantity is not important. The ideal is to be practical and bet on functionality. These are useful tips to save space and bring personality to your kitnet.

Stairs, functional doors and other details following a color palette that you like already bring more personality and space to your kitnet.

Some details already give their face to the environment, and still save space.

It is also important to point out that the rental of a kitnet is very profitable since the demand is high, these apartments are rarely empty, maintenance costs are low and smaller properties are usually cheaper, so they are also easier to negotiate.

Therefore, investing in furniture such as sofa, refrigerator and bed in a kitnet that will be rented is a differential to attract the public.

Kitnets are, therefore, great options for those looking for a space with a good location, practicality and comfort, all designed for a smaller but very well optimized environment.