Glass facades

Demystified: Glass facades in residential

The use of glass in architecture is a very old practice. In the Renaissance, when it was a very expensive material, it was used in the construction of homes to show the power and status of Italian families. In different ways over time, it has always been present to bring transparency, lightness and light to buildings. Until

House of the future

House of the future – What will it be like?

Do you know what a “house of the future” is? Today’s world is increasingly connected and integrated. Technology is our greatest ally to help in all matters of life, being present in our activities since we wake up, we move, in short, in everything we live. Care in preserving the environment with sustainable alternatives is also gaining

Paper flowers

Paper flowers – See the step by step of this simple, easy and cheap decoration

You’ve probably seen, at a party, decorations made with paper flowers and felt like doing it, right? It’s very common for people to get intimidated and think they won’t be able to perform such a task, after all there are many models of paper flowers available, there are several colors, sizes and models. So, to

Floating Glass Houses

Floating Glass Houses: the synthesis of luxury leisure

Leisure is an essential part of life and, for many people, a well-structured area with different options within the condominium itself is essential. In luxury developments, the leisure spaces are designed to go beyond, so that each detail of the project contributes to transforming the days into unique experiences. Iconic architecture  The aesthetic experience is

Couple Suite.

Reconciling the couple’s styles in the decor

How to reconcile the couple’s different styles in the apartment’s decoration She loves the Scandinavian style, while if he could, kept the industrial, modern style of the bachelor era. She wanted to fill the house with little plants, put some pictures and wallpaper in the decoration of the couple’s room, he thinks it’s wasteful and

Greenwich Court

Greenwich Court, a court turned into art by YOO

Quadra Greenwich is a project created by Cyrela, together with the international design firm YOO. The condominium occupies an entire block in Chácara Santo Antônio, with a private forest of 3,700 m² and super modern apartments. Design by YOO The YOO is a London studio specializing in residential and hotels, which became the world reference design. Inspiration comes straight

Marginal Pinheiros

With a large green area, the Grand Panamby stands out for its location and quality of life

Homelike apartments and extensive private preservation areas appear as an oasis in the middle of the city. Grand Panamby offers a solution for those who dream of living in a good location without losing their quality of life. 4 minutes from Marginal Pinheiros, the condominium is strategically located, with easy access to the main business


Netflix and gourmet balcony: what’s not to be missed in Generation Y’s apartment

Compact apartments, gourmet balcony, Netflix and Generation Y’s desire to live incredible experiences and be authentic every day have changed the traditional concept of what it’s like to have an incredible apartment. Authenticity, practicality and the search for new experiences are characteristics of Generation Y. If you are part of Millennials, you probably see more

clean your furniture

Discover the right way to clean your furniture

You choose your furniture with care and affection, think about the decoration and create the perfect environment. But and now? Now you need to know how to keep it that way, so let’s teach you how to clean your furniture the right way. How to Clean Wooden Furniture  Solid wood furniture is usually very resistant and


Discover how to use puffs as key pieces in decoration

Do you know which decoration piece can really surprise you? The puff. Yes, few people value this little piece of furniture or put it on their new home list. However, this item is often very beautiful and may be able to spice up the decor like no other. Have you ever thought about it? If you are