upscale real estate

5 amazing tips for decorating upscale real estate

Who has never dreamed of living in an eye-popping house or apartment? Exclusive, high-end properties are increasingly present in large cities. In these homes, you can find comfort, technology, security and a lot of sophistication. However, for the environment to be impeccable and meet all the needs of its residents, it is essential to pay


Know what happens in the structure stage of a work

When you sign a contract for the purchase and sale of a property in the plant, you are already looking forward to the completion of the construction, and especially for the delivery of the keys and the move. But did you stop to think about all the processes that take place until completion? One of them is the work structure. This


Digitization in interior design: how to take advantage of these trends?

How about taking advantage of your free time to better understand digitization in interior design? That’s right! With the advancement of technology, several market niches have undergone significant modernization, with the area of ​​architecture and decoration being one of them. Now, both professionals working in the field, as individuals interested in the subject, can take


Restore the beauty of your mind and home: find out how

You may have heard around that “a clean house is synonymous with a sound mind”, correct? Even today, many people understand the importance of keeping their home immaculate—with objects in their place and zero dirt. By investing in this idea, we are able to have more motivation to perform daily tasks and even more pleasure and well-being. Therefore,


Colorful furniture: influence of colors in the decor

A desire of many is to live in an architecturally beautiful house, well decorated, cozy and welcoming. But for this, planning is needed; be attentive to all details such as the shape, texture, arrangement and colors of elements such as furniture. These important characteristics will determine the qualities of the environments and the way people will perceive them.

family routine

5 ways to keep your family routine at home!

For many people, maintaining a family routine is a constant challenge. After all, we live in a time when we have a thousand and one activities outside the home and we always try to run out of time to make the most of the day. Therefore, reconciling schedules is not always easy. However, in the midst of

installing a barbecue

Practical guide on what to assess before installing a barbecue in your apartment

If you love a good barbecue, you probably already wish you had a barbecue, right? A few years ago, installing this equipment in their own homes was an exclusive privilege of those who lived in houses and had a large backyard. Over time, however, many architecture professionals have discovered ways that make it possible to install barbecue grills

Customer Portal

Understand how the financial part of the Customer Portal works

The service offered after purchase is a fundamental part of any service. This type of relationship is called after-sales, that is, it is based on the premise that customer service has to take place even after purchasing the product. In real estate, this becomes even more important. That’s because acquiring a property involves other responsibilities besides

smart home

Do you know what smart home is? See how to make your home smart

What seemed to be just fiction is slowly starting to come true. Popularized especially by cinema in different futuristic productions, smart homes, or smart homes, with technology everywhere, are no longer just the result of imagination and are already present in our world. This is not yet a trend in the real estate market, but