Retractable sofa

Retractable sofa: cozy furniture for your living room

The retractable sofa is synonymous with practicality and convenience in furniture, so your moments of leisure and relaxation in the living room can be enjoyed in a more cozy way with the whole family. These moments are even better when the retractable sofa is used together with the TV, so you can enjoy series, movies

Garden stones

Garden stones: know the types and learn how to use them

A garden is a place in the house that can give space to various activities ⏤ relaxation, peaceful breakfasts, games, family and friends meetings, vegetable garden and so on. Therefore, when designing this space, it is essential to consider all the functions that the garden will house and use materials, finishes and adequate vegetation. In

vegetable garden at home

How to make a vegetable garden at home – step by step and foolproof tips

Eating healthy at home is routine for some and a desire for many today. Eating natural food, vegetables and organic fruits, without pesticides, can be more economical and pleasurable than buying in the market. Having a vegetable garden at home is a great way to encourage healthier eating habits, an activity that can be done together with

Paint Types

Paint Types: A Complete Guide to Getting Paint Right

One of the simplest ways to change an environment, giving it a new look, is with a good paint job. However, the types of paint are numerous. What is the best paint for the wall? What paint to use on the tile? Can I paint the floor? To answer these and any other questions you may have, we’ve created this


Minimalism – Lifestyle that is reflected in the decor

Darling of the moment, minimalism has much more to offer you than a clean and modern look for your home. This movement is based on principles that propose a complete transformation in the ways of thinking, living and consuming. Have you thought about using minimalist decor in your home? Check it out below: What is minimalism? Minimalism is in

How to paint walls

How to paint walls: step by step and tips

Tired of your home decor? Changing the environment easily, quickly and cheaply is something that can be achieved simply by changing the color of the walls. And yes, painting a wall can be a lot easier than it looks. We have prepared a step-by-step guide with tips to perform this activity more conveniently and without errors. Materials Before

Paper flowers

Paper flowers – See the step by step of this simple, easy and cheap decoration

You’ve probably seen, at a party, decorations made with paper flowers and felt like doing it, right? It’s very common for people to get intimidated and think they won’t be able to perform such a task, after all there are many models of paper flowers available, there are several colors, sizes and models. So, to

Couple Suite.

Reconciling the couple’s styles in the decor

How to reconcile the couple’s different styles in the apartment’s decoration She loves the Scandinavian style, while if he could, kept the industrial, modern style of the bachelor era. She wanted to fill the house with little plants, put some pictures and wallpaper in the decoration of the couple’s room, he thinks it’s wasteful and


Netflix and gourmet balcony: what’s not to be missed in Generation Y’s apartment

Compact apartments, gourmet balcony, Netflix and Generation Y’s desire to live incredible experiences and be authentic every day have changed the traditional concept of what it’s like to have an incredible apartment. Authenticity, practicality and the search for new experiences are characteristics of Generation Y. If you are part of Millennials, you probably see more


Discover how to use puffs as key pieces in decoration

Do you know which decoration piece can really surprise you? The puff. Yes, few people value this little piece of furniture or put it on their new home list. However, this item is often very beautiful and may be able to spice up the decor like no other. Have you ever thought about it? If you are