Tips for renovating an apartment

Buying a new home or renovating your own is always an important moment, but to do it well you need to take some precautions: ideas and improvements can be many, so it is important to take small steps to reach the final result smoothly. The renovation of an apartment, in fact, must be planned in every detail before moving

apartment pet

How to make the decoration of your apartment more beautiful and adapt it to receive a pet

Living with animals makes people’s lives lighter and more fun. However, the belongings of these dear friends may not go well with the decor of a home. The problem is that for many people a dog or a cat is seen as a child. So, despite everything, those who love their pet will not give up a daily relationship

Vintage decor

Vintage decor: learn more about this style that combines comfort with classic

Having an organized and stylish house is the desire of many Brazilians. After all, by having space the way we always dreamed of, we are able to feel a greater sense of well-being and, consequently, we are more willing to carry out everyday tasks. Following this thought, many residents are investing in vintage decor. It’s

Scandinavian decor

How is the Scandinavian decor style? Check out

Anyone who knows the lifestyle of the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, and Denmark) is enchanted. In the book The Secret of Denmark, author Helen Russell tells that one of the ways to live like its inhabitants is to pay attention to aesthetics, making environments as beautiful as possible. No wonder the Scandinavian decor has won

upscale real estate

5 amazing tips for decorating upscale real estate

Who has never dreamed of living in an eye-popping house or apartment? Exclusive, high-end properties are increasingly present in large cities. In these homes, you can find comfort, technology, security and a lot of sophistication. However, for the environment to be impeccable and meet all the needs of its residents, it is essential to pay


Digitization in interior design: how to take advantage of these trends?

How about taking advantage of your free time to better understand digitization in interior design? That’s right! With the advancement of technology, several market niches have undergone significant modernization, with the area of ​​architecture and decoration being one of them. Now, both professionals working in the field, as individuals interested in the subject, can take


Colorful furniture: influence of colors in the decor

A desire of many is to live in an architecturally beautiful house, well decorated, cozy and welcoming. But for this, planning is needed; be attentive to all details such as the shape, texture, arrangement and colors of elements such as furniture. These important characteristics will determine the qualities of the environments and the way people will perceive them.