apartment barbeque

Apartment barbecue: discover the models and choose yours

For barbecue lovers, having a barbecue grill can be a big dream, because, in addition to enabling the preparation of delicious meals, it is perfect for gathering family and friends for lunch or even celebrations. But the acquisition of this desire may be considered impossible by many when we think of residential buildings. After all, there is


10 types of tiles: features and how to choose

One of the main elements of a building, be it a house, a business or a service, is the roof. She is responsible for the main characteristic of a building: shelter and protection from the elements. Therefore, choosing the right type of tile is very important when you are preparing a project or carrying out

Paint Types

Paint Types: A Complete Guide to Getting Paint Right

One of the simplest ways to change an environment, giving it a new look, is with a good paint job. However, the types of paint are numerous. What is the best paint for the wall? What paint to use on the tile? Can I paint the floor? To answer these and any other questions you may have, we’ve created this

How to paint walls

How to paint walls: step by step and tips

Tired of your home decor? Changing the environment easily, quickly and cheaply is something that can be achieved simply by changing the color of the walls. And yes, painting a wall can be a lot easier than it looks. We have prepared a step-by-step guide with tips to perform this activity more conveniently and without errors. Materials Before

Glass facades

Demystified: Glass facades in residential

The use of glass in architecture is a very old practice. In the Renaissance, when it was a very expensive material, it was used in the construction of homes to show the power and status of Italian families. In different ways over time, it has always been present to bring transparency, lightness and light to buildings. Until

Greenwich Court

Greenwich Court, a court turned into art by YOO

Quadra Greenwich is a project created by Cyrela, together with the international design firm YOO. The condominium occupies an entire block in Chácara Santo Antônio, with a private forest of 3,700 m² and super modern apartments. Design by YOO The YOO is a London studio specializing in residential and hotels, which became the world reference design. Inspiration comes straight