Apartment plans: What is a kitnet?

Ever wonder what a kitnet is? There are different types of real estate in the real estate market. There are options for those looking for greater comfort, a more practical location or even a more functional home, such as the kitnet. With that in mind, it’s interesting to know the possibilities and find out which of

House of the future

House of the future – What will it be like?

Do you know what a “house of the future” is? Today’s world is increasingly connected and integrated. Technology is our greatest ally to help in all matters of life, being present in our activities since we wake up, we move, in short, in everything we live. Care in preserving the environment with sustainable alternatives is also gaining

Marginal Pinheiros

With a large green area, the Grand Panamby stands out for its location and quality of life

Homelike apartments and extensive private preservation areas appear as an oasis in the middle of the city. Grand Panamby offers a solution for those who dream of living in a good location without losing their quality of life. 4 minutes from Marginal Pinheiros, the condominium is strategically located, with easy access to the main business

Free building works

Free building works

That of April 7 2021, was a very important date for the construction industry. In fact, on this date, the glossary of free construction works that can be carried out without any authorization was published in the Official Gazette. I talked to you about routine maintenance in this other article of mine in 2012 but now it is finally clear which jobs


What is and how the regularization of construction and the need to settle in 

The occupancy permit is one of the essential documents for the delivery of a property, as it attests to its living conditions. Without it, the developer will not be able to deliver the project to the acquirers, just as the acquirers will not be able to obtain real estate financing or deed the unit and register the property

registry of property

How to register the property?

When deciding to purchase an apartment in marble arch , you must be aware that there are some bureaucratic steps that must be overcome before the transfer of ownership of the property takes place. Among the various documents that will need to be drawn up in the notary office, there are also some documents to

glass on the porch

Are you going to use glass on the porch? See best practices and care

Closing the apartment’s balcony is a very popular measure that guarantees many benefits. In addition to adding value to the property, the work creates an excellent space for the residents’ leisure, protecting those privileged square meters from noise, wind and rain. But, like any work, closing requires some care. The use of glass on the balcony

luxury apartment

11 essential features that every luxury apartment must have

Despite the economic crisis faced by Brazil, the luxury real estate market remains heated in the country. The demand for high-end homes increased, mainly, with the technological innovations presented by the construction companies. However, for a luxury apartment to receive this title, several criteria must be met. In addition to a privileged location, other aspects interfere in this

build a closet

Check out 7 tips on how to build a closet in your new apartment

Imagine the following scenario: a couple who spent years and years with their clothes in reduced closets and dressers, men’s and women’s pieces, all together and mixed! Until, at some point, he manages to move into a new apartment and, guess what? The place has plenty of room to store clothes and shoes as they deserve! So, the next step