10 types of tiles: features and how to choose

One of the main elements of a building, be it a house, a business or a service, is the roof. She is responsible for the main characteristic of a building: shelter and protection from the elements. Therefore, choosing the right type of tile is very important when you are preparing a project or carrying out

Glass facades

Demystified: Glass facades in residential

The use of glass in architecture is a very old practice. In the Renaissance, when it was a very expensive material, it was used in the construction of homes to show the power and status of Italian families. In different ways over time, it has always been present to bring transparency, lightness and light to buildings. Until

clean your furniture

Discover the right way to clean your furniture

You choose your furniture with care and affection, think about the decoration and create the perfect environment. But and now? Now you need to know how to keep it that way, so let’s teach you how to clean your furniture the right way. How to Clean Wooden Furniture  Solid wood furniture is usually very resistant and


Tips for renovating an apartment

Buying a new home or renovating your own is always an important moment, but to do it well you need to take some precautions: ideas and improvements can be many, so it is important to take small steps to reach the final result smoothly. The renovation of an apartment, in fact, must be planned in every detail before moving


How to Open a Store?

How to open a shop? It is a question that many ask themselves when they want to start a business but do not have clear ideas on how to move and act. In this guide, I explain in general terms what are the steps to take to set up on your own. It should be noted

Free building works

Free building works

That of April 7 2021, was a very important date for the construction industry. In fact, on this date, the glossary of free construction works that can be carried out without any authorization was published in the Official Gazette. I talked to you about routine maintenance in this other article of mine in 2012 but now it is finally clear which jobs

build a closet

Check out 7 tips on how to build a closet in your new apartment

Imagine the following scenario: a couple who spent years and years with their clothes in reduced closets and dressers, men’s and women’s pieces, all together and mixed! Until, at some point, he manages to move into a new apartment and, guess what? The place has plenty of room to store clothes and shoes as they deserve! So, the next step

installing a barbecue

Practical guide on what to assess before installing a barbecue in your apartment

If you love a good barbecue, you probably already wish you had a barbecue, right? A few years ago, installing this equipment in their own homes was an exclusive privilege of those who lived in houses and had a large backyard. Over time, however, many architecture professionals have discovered ways that make it possible to install barbecue grills