Apartment plans: What is a kitnet?

Ever wonder what a kitnet is? There are different types of real estate in the real estate market. There are options for those looking for greater comfort, a more practical location or even a more functional home, such as the kitnet. With that in mind, it’s interesting to know the possibilities and find out which of

Paper flowers

Paper flowers – See the step by step of this simple, easy and cheap decoration

You’ve probably seen, at a party, decorations made with paper flowers and felt like doing it, right? It’s very common for people to get intimidated and think they won’t be able to perform such a task, after all there are many models of paper flowers available, there are several colors, sizes and models. So, to

Couple Suite.

Reconciling the couple’s styles in the decor

How to reconcile the couple’s different styles in the apartment’s decoration She loves the Scandinavian style, while if he could, kept the industrial, modern style of the bachelor era. She wanted to fill the house with little plants, put some pictures and wallpaper in the decoration of the couple’s room, he thinks it’s wasteful and

Greenwich Court

Greenwich Court, a court turned into art by YOO

Quadra Greenwich is a project created by Cyrela, together with the international design firm YOO. The condominium occupies an entire block in Chácara Santo Antônio, with a private forest of 3,700 m² and super modern apartments. Design by YOO The YOO is a London studio specializing in residential and hotels, which became the world reference design. Inspiration comes straight


Netflix and gourmet balcony: what’s not to be missed in Generation Y’s apartment

Compact apartments, gourmet balcony, Netflix and Generation Y’s desire to live incredible experiences and be authentic every day have changed the traditional concept of what it’s like to have an incredible apartment. Authenticity, practicality and the search for new experiences are characteristics of Generation Y. If you are part of Millennials, you probably see more


How to Open a Store?

How to open a shop? It is a question that many ask themselves when they want to start a business but do not have clear ideas on how to move and act. In this guide, I explain in general terms what are the steps to take to set up on your own. It should be noted


Restore the beauty of your mind and home: find out how

You may have heard around that “a clean house is synonymous with a sound mind”, correct? Even today, many people understand the importance of keeping their home immaculate—with objects in their place and zero dirt. By investing in this idea, we are able to have more motivation to perform daily tasks and even more pleasure and well-being. Therefore,