9 tips on how to improve your apartment’s Wi-Fi signal

There’s a good chance you’re reading this post through your Wi-Fi signal, which is a type of wireless network, that is, wireless networks. And if so, chances are that every now and then, when you need it most, it won’t work as well as you’d like. But there are some very simple steps you can take

House of the future

House of the future – What will it be like?

Do you know what a “house of the future” is? Today’s world is increasingly connected and integrated. Technology is our greatest ally to help in all matters of life, being present in our activities since we wake up, we move, in short, in everything we live. Care in preserving the environment with sustainable alternatives is also gaining


How do I find out what my customer really wants?

It is at the beginning of the sales process that we must identify the quality of the opportunity and plan what needs to be done so that we can close the dream deal Since the first contact with a new business opportunity, we are building the expectation of a lasting relationship, exchange of value and

Google Lens

Google Lens: the tool that will turn your cell phone camera into a search field

See how the product announced at Google I/O will work and that it will have an impact on Digital Marketing actions in the future Google is about to take a big step in the way people search for information on the Internet. The name of this step is Google Lens. Announced at Google I/O, the

Fake Internet Engagement

News of the Week: Fake Internet Engagement Takes a Big Shot

Two decisions by a US regulator this week could help reduce the number of followers, reviews and other fakes that plague the web We had good news related to well-being on the internet this week. Even so, the tone of our already traditional post with the news in technology and Digital Marketing is very happy.

QA positions.

How to write better scenarios knowing Cucumber’s anti-patterns

Many companies are listing Cucumber as a requirement for QA positions. Searching on Linkedin, we can find more than 3,000,000 opportunities around the world. It is clear that it is a consolidated framework and, therefore, we want to share our experiences to help you stay up to date with the market! I have been working at Digital Results for 5

design thinking

How to use design thinking to collaboratively build personas with your team

Learn how to choose the key people who will participate in the process and learn about 4 steps of design thinking to be used in creating personas Have you ever seen those walls full of post-its pasted on a photo or company? They are part of a technique called design thinking, used by innovative businesses to facilitate


DURC enterprise

The DURC is the certificate that, on the basis of a single request, simultaneously certifies the regularity of a company with regard to INPS, INAIL, and Cassia Edible compliance verified on the basis of the respective reference legislation. The procedures for issuing the DURC in the construction sector are governed by the INAIL Circular n: 38/2005, by the INPS Circular

Condominium security

Condominium security: meet the 9 most modern requirements

When you want to purchase a residential property, it is necessary to check the quality, the location of the development, the differentiated finish, and comfort items, which also weigh heavily in the choice. However, there is another important factor that currently takes the lead at the moment of decision: safety. And no less! The investment