Digitization in interior design: how to take advantage of these trends?

How about taking advantage of your free time to better understand digitization in interior design? That’s right! With the advancement of technology, several market niches have undergone significant modernization, with the area of ​​architecture and decoration being one of them.

Now, both professionals working in the field, as individuals interested in the subject, can take advantage of numerous resources to transform environments in a simpler, more practical and updated.

An example of this are applications that allow you to experiment, through a simple photo, how the result of paint or wallpaper would look in a certain room. All this without you having to carry out major renovations or mess around the house.

Certainly, the theme is beyond interesting. And, precisely for that reason, we decided to address it a little in this post. To understand the trends and stay on top of this segment, keep reading and find out how this scenario has progressed in recent years!

Technology advances in interior design

It may not seem like it, but technology and interior design have not always gone hand in hand. This event took place recently, after the appearance of certain tools, the computer and the internet being some of them.

In recent times, the way of thinking and executing design has undergone certain adaptations. Thanks to the technological advances obtained, professionals in the area have also gained more freedom to create, design projects and develop new resources, thus creating an endless cycle of innovation.

Also, when we talk about technology and design, we can highlight certain points in common that result in benefits for both areas. Below we highlight the main ones. Look:

  • more security in data handling;
  • the possibility of working remotely, without requiring the presence of everyone involved in the project;
  • development of programs and tools that facilitate the carrying out of diverse activities;
  • advancement of so-called mobile technologies, where professionals can work 24 hours a day, wherever they want, etc.

Here, we must also not forget that, in this new scenario, the concept of design thinking was created — where technology and design always go together. In this approach, specialists look for solutions in the market to solve problems in a bolder way and always with an eye on the future.

The new needs for room decoration

When we talk about digitization in interior design, we can say that there are several new developments in the sector. These are trends that have emerged in order to meet the needs of society and, in some cases, even the environment, with the aim of making our lives easier, optimizing processes and reducing waste as much as possible.

Exclusive apps

On the internet, you can find many interesting apps — some even free. Such platforms help the user to measure the rooms, visualize the furniture present in the place in different arrangements or, simply, calculate the heights, without the need to purchase new products or spend money unnecessarily.

Augmented reality

Along the same lines, we can highlight the augmented reality versions, widely used by professionals in the retail and real estate industry. With these features, it is possible to have a wide view of the space, visit units remotely and know, in great detail, how they would look after the execution of a project.

For example: if you are in doubt between vintage or tropical decoration, a professional simply creates two projects and then offers the scanned plans for your visualization. Thus, it will be easier to understand which of the options fits your taste and lifestyle.

3D printing

The so-called 3D printing is a technology that allows the creation of shapes that, until then, were very difficult to be created. This time, however, they can be developed in a simplified way, resulting in real and increasingly personalized pieces. This is the case of furniture with exclusive designs, as well as kitchen utensils and other elements present in a sensorial decoration.

Inspiration platforms

We still can’t forget the countless websites and platforms that share decoration photographs, as well as projects focused on buildings.

One of the most famous is Pinterest, where you can find mood boards, as well as works by renowned professionals in the field of interior design and architecture, serving as real starting points for residents who want to renovate a home, but do not yet have one. reference to follow.

The importance of a specialized professional

Before concluding, it is worth bearing in mind the importance of having the services of a professional in the field – the interior designer.

With this specialist at your side, it will be possible to make any and all ambiance project more optimized, from a simple renovation to elaborate works. There are many benefits to hiring a professional like this, they are:

  • savings and optimization: the interior designer will plan the layout of the space, use the environment according to the residents’ needs and even save financial resources, promoting less expense for your pocket;
  • monitoring: the professional will be responsible for monitoring the progress of the works, saving the client from wasting time during execution — this care is still great to ensure good quality and delivery satisfaction;
  • appreciation: only with the expertise of an experienced professional will it be possible to visualize the potential of a space and make the best use of them — with this work, the interior designer will be able to use aesthetic and functional issues to make your property unique and prepared for your day to day.

Did you see it? With this information, we hope that you have become better informed about digitization in interior design and how this trend is capable of bringing incredible improvements to your environment.

Remember to always choose a renowned professional in the subject, and do a lot of researching for references before starting any set in a room. Thus, it will be easier to carry out a transformation and leave the place the way you want.

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