Discover how to use puffs as key pieces in decoration

Puffs as key pieces for decoration

Do you know which decoration piece can really surprise you? The puff. Yes, few people value this little piece of furniture or put it on their new home list.

However, this item is often very beautiful and may be able to spice up the decor like no other. Have you ever thought about it? If you are looking for a versatile item to enrich an ambiance, you can bet on the puffs. They will give your home a special look.

Follow our decorating tips and learn how to make the rooms of your property much more modern, comfortable and uncluttered.

Striped puff brings a special touch to the decor.

Puffs add a special touch to your decor.

Its amazing design

How could we summarize what puffs are? For design, they are simple and small seats. But you can’t confuse them with stools, for example.

The puffs are composed of a cushioned base, covered with a layer of fabric, thread or fur; and must have feet or castors for support. They are usually square in shape, but their design can be better explored.

Puffs with square shapes and other shapes too.

They can have shapes other than squares.

Designers like to express their creativity to the fullest in wildcards. So it’s not uncommon to see puffs in stores with bold prints and shapes. And the more different such pieces are, the more interesting the decorations will look wherever they are placed.

Look at the images presented in this text. These designs prove that puffs can be great protagonists in modern decorations.

Printed puffs denote a more modern decor.

Printed puffs are a modern form of decoration.

Puffs as protagonists

The color of the fabric covering is one of the factors that can contribute to making a puff stand out in a decoration.

So imagine if the backdrop to the scene is neutral and dull. In such an environment, colorful and printed puffs give a more cheerful and daring air to the composition. And it is still possible to “play” with their heights and color contrasts to generate a more dynamic effect in the decoration.

Puffs as key pieces for decoration.

Colored and patterned puffs.

In your home, you can use large beanbags to guide the layout of a room. Perhaps to make the spatial division of two different activity zones in a room, such as dining and living.

They can also be used to delimit a space, completing a furniture grouping. Puffs can also fill empty areas of the plant, or be placed at strategic points for ornamentation.

Brown beanbag placed in a strategic location.

Puff placed in a strategic place. Blue flowery puff.

Printed flowered puff.

Let’s analyze the cases in this text. In certain situations, the puffs gained prominence for presenting an atypical volume or for having a lot of colors and strong prints.

Other puffs emphasize comfort and reinforce the playful character of the decor. Some have noble finishes, making the scene more sophisticated. And there are those that are paired with larger pieces of furniture or that balance a special corner.

The use of colored leather adds a playful touch to the decor.

A playful touch in the decor.  Noble coatings.

Noble coatings.

A thousand ways to use puffs in decor

Puffs can be used in many ways in decorations. They can be in spaces like the living room or TV room, bedrooms and offices.

But, contrary to what many people think, they can also be used – of course, depending on the material they are made of – on balconies, entrance halls, kitchens, and bathrooms. These are situations that should be carefully studied by designers.

As an initial idea, you can use the puffs indoors in isolation, as if they were pieces of art to be admired. Or, they can complement a set of furniture and pair it with other pieces, such as sofas – assuming the role of chaise – or dining tables – replacing chairs.

Puffs can also be placed in front of study tables, dressers, dressers and cabinets.

Insulated furniture can serve as an artistic decorative piece.

Functionality or artistic character, you choose.  Colors and prints on the puffs.

The colors and prints make all the difference. Source: Anna Maya & Anderson Schussler and Rua 141 Arquitetura

So, what did you think of the ideas? Note, in the images in this text, how puffs can be incredibly beautiful pieces and how they contribute to making decorations of different styles much more interesting.

Now mentally subtract these pieces from the images. Did you notice how these spaces would lose their fun? Is that, in these cases, the puffs were used as key pieces of settings.

Now, take from these examples good ideas for creating a really cool modern decor for your home. You will see that the result will be amazing!