Discover the right way to clean your furniture

You choose your furniture with care and affection, think about the decoration and create the perfect environment.

But and now?

Now you need to know how to keep it that way, so let’s teach you how to clean your furniture the right way.

How to Clean Wooden Furniture 

Wooden furniture

Solid wood furniture is usually very resistant and has hard stains. In this type of furniture, it is usually only necessary to remove the dust.

If any persistent dirt appears, just rub the area with a damp cloth with a neutral detergent and dry it afterward.

Wood absorbs water, which can cause it to deform, so it’s important to keep your wood furniture dry at all times.

To keep wooden furniture healthy, it is recommended to polish it. For this, you can buy a specific product or mix a teaspoon of vinegar with a cup of cooking oil.

To take care of your wooden furniture in the best possible way, it is recommended that you wax it at least once a year.

How to clean MDF furniture

MDF furniture

MDF furniture is, yes, practically wooden furniture, “practically” because it is not made only of wood.

MDF is made up of small pieces of wood that are mixed with resin and compacted. Sometimes MDF even has a portion of plastic in its composition.

This means that you should take a little different care from that used with solid wood furniture.

To clean your MDF furniture, the same strategy mentioned above can be used: a damp cloth with a neutral detergent will take care of most of the dirt. The use of abrasive substances is not recommended.

MDF is more sensitive than wood, so you should be extra careful with moisture and not use rough objects for cleaning.

It is also important to shine the MDF furniture. In it you can use only cooking oil or a specific product to polish MDF furniture.

How to Clean Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture

This furniture are the ones that demand the most attention, as they are more susceptible to stains.

If the upholstery gets dirty with any kind of liquid, don’t wait, clean as soon as possible, because the longer you wait, the harder it will be to clean.

But what about those stains that are already there, how to remove them?

To get rid of that insistent mess, mix a cup of water, a cup of alcohol, a cup of alcohol vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda.

It is important, however, to pay attention to the features of your furniture, usually described on the label.

  • W – cleaning with water and products such as detergent.
  • P – dry cleaning using specific clothes.
  • O – cold water cleaning.
  • F – dry cleaning is done by professionals only.

Do not clean your upholstered furniture only when the dirt is visible, the ideal is to clean it every three months and, if you have pets, the recommendation is every two months.

For routine cleaning, first vacuum all parts of the furniture, not forgetting the corners and creases.

Afterward, use some substance compatible with the characteristics of your furniture; most usually do well with water, mild detergent and a little alcohol vinegar.

If your furniture no longer has a tag and you are unsure which products you can use, give it a try. Pick up your mixture, pass it in a barely visible spot on your furniture and wait to see the reaction.

After cleaning your furniture, dry it well. It is not advisable to leave it damp, as this intensifies the appearance of mold.

If you can, the ideal is, after cleaning, place your furniture in the sun.

How to clean leather furniture

Leather furniture

Before cleaning your leather furniture, vacuum it and, once again, don’t forget about the corners.

Leather furniture is usually easy to clean, as dirt has difficulty adhering to this material. Normally, a damp cloth with a little neutral detergent takes care of all the dirt.

If some dirt persists, you can try adding a little vinegar to the mixture. This process also works if you want to eliminate any unpleasant smells that have been ingrained in your leather furniture.

If your leather furniture has ink stains or mold spots, you can try applying isopropyl alcohol with a cotton swab and then drying the spot with a hairdryer.

Avoid exposing your leather furniture to excessive sunlight as this can cause it to fade and crack.

To maintain the health of your leather furniture, it is important to hydrate it with a specific substance for this material twice a year.