DURC enterprise

DURC Construction Company

The DURC is the certificate that, on the basis of a single request, simultaneously certifies the regularity of a company with regard to INPS, INAIL, and Cassia Edible compliance verified on the basis of the respective reference legislation. The procedures for issuing the DURC in the construction sector are governed by the INAIL Circular n: 38/2005, by the INPS Circular n: 92/2005, and by the Communication of the National Joint Commission of Construction Funds n: 272/2005.

Table of contents

  • Who can apply for the DURC enterprise
  • How to apply for the DURC
  • When the single contribution regularity document must be requested
  • Who issues the DURC construction company
  • Normative requirements

Who can apply for the DURC enterprise

The main applicant for the DURC is the company, also through labor consultants and trade associations with delegated powers.
Public contracting administrations, private contracting bodies of public importance and SOAs (Certification Organisms Companies) are also requesting subjects.

How to apply for the DURC

The DURC is requested electronically through the Unified Social Security Desk (main mode) by filling in the screens that appear on the screen.
The request can be made electronically by accessing alternatively at  http://www.sportellounicoprevidenziale.it/  (companies, intermediaries, contracting authorities and publicly relevant contracting entities) or at  http://www.inail.it/ (companies and intermediaries) or at  http://www.inps.it/  (companies and intermediaries). The paper forms, available at the territorial structures of Casse Edili, INPS or INAIL, must be duly completed according to the instructions contained therein.

When the single contribution regularity document must be requested

At the time of participation in the tender and up to the award, the company can declare the fulfillment of the contribution obligations.
The certification of contribution regularity must be delivered to the Owner or to his Technician before the start of the works subject to building permit or DIA (notification of the start of activity).

Who issues the DURC construction company?

 Once the DURC request is acquired from the computer system, the receipt protocol is issued to the applicant and the CIP (identification code of the case) is assigned. The request is automatically routed to the competent organizational units of the Bodies, in order to carry out checks on regularity. The user, through the CIP, can check at any time the progress of his practice, either by accessing the computer procedure in consultation mode or by requesting any territorial structure of the Bodies to carry out this control. The DURC is issued by the competent building fund for the area in the event of a request for construction work. In other cases, it is issued by the INPS office or INAIL competent for the territory.

The DURC is sent to the applicant (and in any case a copy to the company if the applicant is different from this), using the postal channel with registered A / R, to the address indicated by the same in the application phase.  A “Reprint” of the DURC Impresa can be requested at any territorial structure of Cassia Edible, INPS or INAIL

Times of release

The DURC is issued within 30 days from the date of complete acquisition of the request by the computer system. The Bodies reserve the right to request documentation from the company to supplement the data already provided in order to ascertain the regularity of contributions. A deadline of ten days is granted for the submission of what has been requested. This request, useful for investigative purposes, suspends the deadline for issuing the DURC Impresa. If the company does not present the aforementioned documentation within the assigned deadline, the Body that requested it will decide on the basis of the information in its possession.