Find out what the next steps are after handing over the keys

“I took the keys to the property, and now what do I do?” This doubt tends to come up when you buy an apartment. In order not to make this process more time-consuming or difficult than necessary, it is necessary to pay attention to some precautions, as well as following some steps.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick guide with some of the most common questions that arise in this step. Keep reading to get informed and prevent yourself from getting in the way at this very important moment!

When can I get the keys to the apartment?

However, before knowing what to do after picking up the keys, it is worth highlighting how this process should be done. In the case of a property purchase in the plant, it is only possible to receive the key to your property after the General Assembly for the Installation of the Condominium (AGI), if you have carried out the Inspection and paid off the unit, either through your own resources or financing.

Who do I contact to get the keys?

After completing the steps mentioned above, after AGI, the Customer Relations team will contact you to arrange the best day and time for you to receive the keys to your new property. You will also receive the Key Receipt Term and it is in this document that it will be certified that the property no longer belongs to the developer, and is henceforth in its possession.

What are the first steps after getting the keys?

Before moving, you need to be concerned about issues such as the connection of energy and gas. To support the customer, Cyrela delivers a next steps guide in which all this information is broken down. But we also put the main points here!


To connect the electricity, the first step is to contact the concessionaire in your city or to appear in person at service agencies and inform address, apartment number, tower and personal data. For prevention, check with the condominium administrator for the number of energy clocks in the common areas, as in some cases this data is requested.

Water and gas

The final water and gas connections for the condominium are already made. After the inspection, we closed the general registrations of your apartment, located in the shaft of the floor’s service hall.

To have the circulation of water and gas normalized is simple. Just request a connection directly to the condominium administrator.

But beware: if you choose to individualize the premises in an extraordinary meeting, the condominium administrator will be responsible for conducting this process.

For more details, see your Owner’s Manual. If there is a lack of gas supply by the concessionaire, contact the gas company directly.


All infrastructure for installing a telephone line is now available. Contact the dealer of your choice to request the call.

Remember: if you want to extend the service to more rooms, it will be necessary to arrange the passage of new cabling.

TV (collective and subscription)

We prepare all the necessary structures for the installation of equipment for signal amplification and distribution for all units through the collective antenna.

In your apartment, there is infrastructure (connectors and piping with or without wiring) for the TV system. If you choose the pay-TV service, just get in touch with the company of your choice.

How do I enter the condo?

With the key term in hand, you will be able to go to the entrance of your building, available 24 hours a day, and your access will be free. On this occasion, you can also find out about condominium issues and we recommend checking the rules implemented by the administrator installed in the condominium. They are important to make your Cyrela an organized and safe place.

Pay attention to the days and times allowed for changes, parking control and rules, the conditions for using the shopping cart, etc.

This is a good opportunity to discover and discover the parking space belonging to your property. If it is not indicated or determined in the contract, ask the administrator about when the condominium meeting will take place for the draw or delimitation of vacancies.

When moving to the property, note the following points:

  • size and layout of the elevator. In addition, depending on the model, it will be necessary to inform the administration so that protection items are provided, such as covers to cover the elevator’s internal windows, avoiding risks and breakages;
  • circulation to the apartment;
  • size of gate opening;
  • loading and unloading locations.

To avoid inconvenience and correctly follow the condominium rules, consult the landlord or administrator before moving. That way, you can make an appointment and ensure that the entrance to the apartment goes smoothly.


One of the most special moments of this stage is being able to print your identity in each room. For renovations, following the safety rules, it is necessary that you present to the manager or administrator of the condominium, a renovation plan and technical report (ART – Technical Responsibility Note according to NBR 16.280) signed by an architect or engineer. With this information, the manager will submit it for analysis by a responsible technician to validate the project and authorize the start of the work.

We have listed some situations in which you should consult a specialized technical professional’s assessment for your renovation. Look:

  • changing coatings using high-impact tools;
  • changing the original layout of the unit’s environments;
  • installation of any component not provided for in the original project or different from the project’s descriptive memorial;
  • removal or addition of walls.

Important: in cases where renovations are considered maintenance (wall painting, floor maintenance, and similar services), an expert assessment is not necessary.

“I took the keys to the property, and now what do I do?” With the observations in this post, you have the answers to that question and can now enjoy life in a condominium with more peace of mind. And if you have any doubts, be sure to consult the condominium administrator or even contact Cyrela through the Customer Portal.

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