Floating Glass Houses: the synthesis of luxury leisure


Leisure is an essential part of life and, for many people, a well-structured area with different options within the condominium itself is essential.

In luxury developments, the leisure spaces are designed to go beyond, so that each detail of the project contributes to transforming the days into unique experiences.

Iconic architecture 

The aesthetic experience is something important for human existence, as contemplating the beautiful provides a feeling of satisfaction. Visually remarkable constructions that also take the beauty to their leisure spaces, therefore, can be considered gains for the city, as they open the door to possibilities that were previously unthinkable.

Noble and sophisticated materials, differentiated construction elements and high-end finishes are means that lead to a project that goes beyond the traditional.

The Ez City Park, for example, has signed the international architecture UNStudio with organic lines and softened angles that transform the towers into true sculptures. The pillars taper until they touch the ground, forming part of the landscape in which leisure is inserted.

Pool area with wet deck, adjacent to residential towers with sophisticated luxury design. The perspective of the pool area, beside one of the residential towers.

In Cyrela’s contemporary Thera Ibirapuera by YOO development, the glass prism that rises and rises above the top floor resembles a precious stone that sparkles in the daylight. In addition to composing the façade, this sculptural element expands the lounge’s ceiling height and allows a view of the sky.

Image of a leisure space with a swimming pool. The prismatic coverage of the penultimate floor guarantees the luxury of the project. External perspective of the luxurious leisure penthouse.

Unique outdoor areas

Part of the luxury developments is built on large plots of land, where countless outdoor leisure options are offered, surrounded by wooded areas and rich landscaping. The connection with nature is important for the physical and mental health of all people.

Leisure area with a complex of swimming pools and paths that permeate the wooded area. Outside perspective of the tree-lined leisure area.

On more compact terrains, leisure elevated above ground level, or even on the roof, is a much-appreciated trend that allows for contact with the green. In addition to ensuring privacy, leisure on the heights presents residents with beautiful views of the surroundings.

Whether you want to relax or have fun with activities that are out of the ordinary, luxury developments usually offer outdoor options for all tastes and ages.

Examples of these spaces are walking paths, viewpoints to enjoy the sunset, fireplaces and outdoor cinemas, tree-lined squares or even vegetable gardens for those who like to grow plants.

Cinema area with outdoor screen and armchairs. Cine Lounge perspective.

Zen spaces, with gazebo or pergola, gain more sophistication every day. Stylish buildings create private areas that invite you to enjoy sunny days by the pool.

Pool area with luxury private constructions. The perspective of pool houses, constructions that create private leisure areas.

Stunning and comfortable interiors

In indoor leisure areas, furniture and lighting combine sophistication with comfort and functionality. Regardless of the style of the development, the uniquely designed seats, the standout lamps, the floors, the stones and the quality dishes are always present.

Luxury contemporary ballroom in shades of green and gray. The internal perspective of the Festas Lounge.

In recent years, luxury brands have been betting on furniture with differentiated design, which guarantees even more exclusivity. But the sophistication is not limited to environments where the permanence is longer. The so-called passage places, which connect the leisure areas to the apartments, also gain stunning projects.

The floating glass houses epitomize the luxury leisure concept

Cyrela On The Parc by YOO is an enterprise that brings together all these aspects present in luxury projects, with leisure areas that are beyond the ordinary in their essence and structure.

The energy and creative strength of the London studio YOO, brought to Brazil by Cyrela, are imprinted in every detail of this project.

Swimming pools with waterfall and luxury interior design. The perspective of YOO Spa.

The floating glass houses synthesize the aura of the project for creating private spaces in areas of common use. Each of these floating cabins is geared towards a function, with lounge chairs, seats or a massage stretcher.

In the woody lining, light streaks and a work of art guarantee the disruptive aesthetic. Furthermore, the closures in translucent glass and golden material allow the resident to relax connected to the horizon, between the sky and the green.

Floating glass houses, which are like luxury floating cabins that create private spaces on leisure floors. Floating glass houses perspective.

The project values ​​exclusivity, so the leisure spaces have differentiated furniture that refers to various artistic periods.

Luxury interiors with classic and contemporary elements. Inside Perspective of The Party Room.

Luxury is exclusivity but it’s also comfortable, and Cyrela On The Parc by YOO delivers this in a unique way.