Free building works

That of April 7 2021, was a very important date for the construction industry. In fact, on this date, the glossary of free construction works that can be carried out without any authorization was published in the Official Gazette.

I talked to you about routine maintenance in this other article of mine in 2012 but now it is finally clear which jobs can be done freely.

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Table of contents

  • The great importance of the free building glossary
  • Ordinary maintenance work
  • Example of free building works for a house
  • Other free building works: research in the subsoil and elimination of architectural barriers
  • Clean energy production, play areas and more

The great importance of the free building glossary

As is known, in construction it is necessary to obtain specific permits to carry out significant interventions. At the same time, however, there are secondary operations that can be carried out freely, without even an obligation to communicate.

But what are these free works? Many people have asked themselves this question and the identification of a reliable answer has not always proved easy, for this reason the publication of this text in the Official Gazette deserves to be considered very precious.

This glossary, which is by no means excluded from being expanded in the years to come, collects these interventions in a clear and organic way; let’s find out immediately which are the works that fall into this category.

Ordinary maintenance work

The glossary first of all mentions ordinary maintenance work. This category includes interventions of:

  • repair
  • replacement
  • renovation

The free building works that can be carried out are for example:

  • internal and external flooring
  • internal and external plasters
  • decorative elements of the facades
  • sheet metal works and exhaust systems
  • internal and external coatings
  • railings and anti-intrusion systems
  • finishing elements of the stairs and also attic and furnishing stairs
  • parapets and railings
  • roofing mantles
  • repair of structural ceilings and installation of non-structural ones

These elements also include chimneys and roof terminals of smoke extraction systems, lifts and lifting systems, sewage networks and utility networks, electrical systems, for gas distribution, for outdoor lighting, fire-fighting, and air-conditioning systems., smoke extraction, without neglecting antennas, dishes and other reception and transmission systems and recharging points dedicated to electric vehicles.

Example of free building works for a house

On the basis of what has been said, it is therefore evident that, at home, the work that can be carried out in a completely free way are many. In your home you can freely renovate the floors and walls, you can decorate the facade, you can renew the electrical and heating systems, and this is important in terms of energy saving.

In the same way, it is possible to install security grilles, new windows, new armored doors, and this is very interesting since for this kind of article there is no shortage of interesting news.

As for the fixtures we can mention the beautiful sliding windows, very popular solutions both for their bold contemporary aesthetics and for the fact that they enhance the brightness of the interiors in the best possible way. Models that combine a very decorative style with excellent technical characteristics are increasingly popular for armored doors, such as the Maestro Nextra models: Maestro Nextra armored doors are a clear example of a design armored door.

Other free building works: research in the subsoil and elimination of architectural barriers

In the list of works that can be carried out without any authorization, we find the installation, repair, replacement, renovation, and/or upgrading of air-to-air heat pumps, liquefied petroleum gas deposits, instrumental works to research activity in the subsoil.

The works aimed at eliminating architectural barriers also fall under ordinary maintenance. These interventions are essential to improve the quality of life of people who cannot move independently. In fact, it is possible to freely carry out installation, repair, replacement, and renovation of lifts, hoists, stairlifts and similar, ramps, sanitary appliances, and hygienic and hydro-sanitary systems.

Free construction works also include maintenance and management interventions concerning the movement of the earth. Installation, repair, replacement, and renovation of greenhouses, cavities, burial rooms, external flooring are also mentioned.

Clean energy production, play areas, and more

In the glossary in the Official Gazette there is also mention of devices dedicated to the production of clean energy, therefore solar panels, photovoltaic panels, and micro-wind generators. For the play areas, installation, repair, replacement, and renovation of children’s games and related fences can be performed freely. In the private gardens, brick barbecues, gazebos not fixed to the ground, and other furnishing covers, pergolas, animal shelters, tool sheds, also not permanently fixed to the ground. In addition to free building works in the garden, there are bars, separators, elements dedicated to bicycle stalls, bollards, masonry dividers.

The free execution of installation, repair, and removal works of light artifacts in outdoor accommodation facilities is also allowed. For purely temporary needs, such as the organization of an event, gazebos, exhibition stands, mobile toilets, tensile structures, mobile display elements, and temporary parking areas can be installed, repaired, and removed.