Greenwich Court, a court turned into art by YOO

Greenwich Court Lobby, East Side

Quadra Greenwich is a project created by Cyrela, together with the international design firm YOO. The condominium occupies an entire block in Chácara Santo Antônio, with a private forest of 3,700 m² and super modern apartments.

Design by YOO

The YOO is a London studio specializing in residential and hotels, which became the world reference design.

Inspiration comes straight from its founders, real estate entrepreneur John Hitchcox and the most celebrated contemporary designer, Philippe Starck, who brought together the world’s top designers at YOO to internationalize and capture the essence of each country (they are in 40).

The builders and developers more attentive to the wishes of their customers have already realized the importance of design. That’s why Cyrela brought YOO to Brazil, which already has more than 40 residences in the main cities around the world – the most cosmopolitan, now in São Paulo with Quadra Greenwich. See the examples we like the most:

1. Downtown – New York, USA.

Downtown - New York, USA.

2. Icon Brickell – Miami, USA.

Icon Brickell - Miami, USA.

3. Khun by Yoo – Bangkok, Thailand.

Khun by Yoo - Bangkok, Thailand.

4. OH – Quito, Ecuador.

OH - Quito, Ecuador

5. The Limited – Mexico City, Mexico.

The Limited - Mexico City, Mexico

6. Sans Souci Residences – Vienna, Austria.

Sans Souci Residences - Vienna, Austria

7. Greenwich Court – São Paulo, Brazil.

8. Cyrela On The Parc by Yoo – São Paulo, Brazil. Cyrela On The Parc by Yoo, a unique experience that unites the classic and the disruptive in a project that presents new perspectives on reality, with sophistication in every detail.

The outdoor areas of Quadra Greenwich and its exclusive Private Forest for residents

The Quadra Greenwich land occupies 11,300 m² in an entire block in the South Zone of São Paulo, a rarity in the region, which allowed the creation of a large leisure area, in addition to a Private Forest for residents.

The 3,700 m² Private Forest has a recreational court, walking path, and a large green area.

Greenwich Court Private Forest Greenwich Court Private Forest

At Belvedere, residents can enjoy a beautiful view of the woods above street level.

Greenwich Court Hall Belvedere Greenwich Court Hall Belvedere

Entering the covered areas, in the Lobby with a ceiling height of 3.5m, it is possible to recognize the international design by YOO.

Greenwich Court Party Lobby Greenwich Court Lobby

The very spacious Ballroom has 100 m² and is also integrated with the Barbecue and the Externa Square.

Greenwich Court Ballroom Greenwich Court Ballroom

The internal environments were planned to provide comfort for you and your visitors, including spaces with air conditioning system, in addition to furniture signed by YOO.

Greenwich Court Ballroom Greenwich Court Ballroom

The Quadra Greenwich has 2 semi-Olympic pools measuring 25m each, the East Side indoor swimming pool and the West Side open swimming pool.

The indoor pool has large side windows and a glass cover to receive natural light, contributing to pool heating and a brighter environment.

The design apartments at Quadra Greenwich

The Greenwich Court is made up of 2 independent condominiums. The East Side has 137.5 m² apartments, 3 suites, a private hall and 2 to 4 parking spaces, while the West Side has 79 m² apartments with 2 suites and 113 m² with 3 bedrooms (with en suite), barbecue on the terrace and 2 vacancies.

All of them have comfortable environments, with special emphasis on social areas.

There is no gap between the living room and the terrace of the rooms, making the environments come together in a very natural way, making better use of the spaces. This gives your architect even more freedom to help you customize the fit.

Living at Quadra Greenwich Living at Quadra Greenwich

In fact, Cyrela will place a 3cm baguette on the door to protect the apartment from water ingress.

In addition, the engineers planned several differentiators:

  • Every apartment has a technical area for air conditioning, a place to leave the condenser, which is normally hidden in the apartments.
  • Larger apartments are already delivered with barbecue on the gourmet terrace.
  • Central water heating for kitchen countertops, bath and shower countertops on the East Side.
  • USB sockets in bedrooms and living room.
  • The floors will be delivered with acoustic treatment to attenuate impact noise in the apartment’s bedrooms and living room.

In the real estate market, in Brazil and in the world, the union of engineering and design is a recipe for success and this is the objective of Cyrela’s partnership with YOO.

Condos are pictures of a city. Just by looking at the buildings in a photo, you can tell if it was taken in New York, Paris or Rome.

São Paulo, one of the largest cities in the world, values ​​design. We want more inspiring architecture in a less gray and greener city. We want a better city to live in and this new residential standard is very welcome.