How is the Scandinavian decor style? Check out

Anyone who knows the lifestyle of the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, and Denmark) is enchanted. In the book The Secret of Denmark, author Helen Russell tells that one of the ways to live like its inhabitants is to pay attention to aesthetics, making environments as beautiful as possible. No wonder the Scandinavian decor has won fans all over the world. In it, everything is planned to promote more coziness and well-being!

In this article, we show you how to make your home in this style. Get inspired and leave your apartment with an up-to-date, elegant, and above all, pleasant aesthetic!

What is Scandinavian decor?

Scandinavian decor is the style used by Nordic people to decorate their homes. Despite being very cozy, it dispenses with excesses and excels in the good use of spaces and light.

Following the rules of minimalism, all elements must have a function and be of quality. This results in practical and, at the same time, comfortable environments, without ever losing the connection with nature.

The ideal objects are those that unite the modern and the traditional. Technologies are very welcome, but always with a clean look — preferably with straight lines and discreet finishes. In furniture, ergonomics and design are inseparable.

How did Scandinavian decor come about?

Scandinavian decoration emerged in northern European countries at the beginning of the 20th century. Basically, it provides the necessary coziness for the cold climate and reflects the culture of this region.

Its earliest records appear in paintings by Swedish artist Carl Larsson. The house where he lived with his family, incidentally, became a reference in style.

Currently, the Scandinavian décor is a favorite of architects and interior designers, gaining versions that adapt to different climatic realities. In Brazil, for example, heavy rugs and blankets (made of raw wool or animal skins) give way to lighter models, but always with natural raw materials and neutral tones.

How are the environments composed?

The Scandinavian decor cannot lack classic and elegant materials. Check out some of the essentials below.

Wooden furniture

In Scandinavian style, the wood must maintain its natural tone or be aged. She appears on the dining table, on countertops and in cabinets.

To save money, the use of either pallet furniture (such as a sofa or bed ) is allowed. The material helps to give a more rustic feel to the environment and goes against the issue of sustainability — which is highly valued in interior projects with this style.

Neutral floors and walls

The floor may be of wood or materials that reproduce as large format porcelain. The traditional technique of burnt cement (or similar porcelain tiles) also suits the style.

In relation to painting the walls, neutral tones should be favored. White not only can but should, predominate in environments.

Color dots follow the same neutral palette, exploring mainly shades of gray and black. To make the rooms more charming, you can, for example, paint the doors in these shades.

Color dots

To bring the environment to life, the Scandinavian décor allows for some color points. The most recommended shades are the ranges of blues, light pinks, and browns, as they speak well with this style.

These colors can appear in design pieces, such as light fixtures, or in basic pillows. To give more personality to a room, you can use colorful furniture, such as those that follow the vintage decor style.


Plants are beautiful in any type of decoration. The difference in the Scandinavian style is that they often appear in cement vases, which are neutral and elegant.

Another way to explore the green, especially in small apartments, is to hang pots with herbs from the ceiling. For those who have a balcony, it is possible to create a vertical garden with varied species!

Natural fabrics

In Scandinavian decor, you cannot miss bedspreads, blankets and rugs. But no synthetic materials. Upholstery and bedding should be made from natural fabrics such as cotton.

Pictures and posters

White walls call for beautiful artwork. In the Scandinavian proposal, it is worth using a set of small pictures with similar tones or a single larger poster. However, they must follow some rules:

  • have simple frames;
  • be well-positioned;
  • have geometric, graphic or nature-referring prints;
  • contain motivating or fun phrases in simple typography;
  • talk to the decor of the rest of the room.

animal heads

Sculptures with decorative animal heads (mainly moose) have the face of this style. The pieces are usually made of MDF or plaster and hung on the walls.

How to use this inspiration in Brazil?

As said, the important thing is to be inspired by Scandinavian decor, adapting it to the climate of each region. In Brazil, very hot materials should be replaced by lighter ones, but which keep the cozy aspect.

Examples of compositions that follow this proposal are:

  • some vintage furniture and accessories in delicate colors (such as green, pink and pastel blue);
  • rustic furniture (in demolition wood, for example) and objects in shades of blue;
  • a marble countertop and one or more pendant lamps (made of copper or rosé gold metal);
  • some metal stools and a floor lamp with straight lines or lamps hung on purposely exposed wires;
  • a coffee table made of pallets and cushions and decorative throws in crochet or knitting (in neutral tones).

How does Scandinavian decor improve life?

Apart from the characteristic comfort, its minimalist and unpretentious concept makes everyday life easier. After all, there is no accumulation of objects to compromise the organization and make cleaning difficult.

In addition, the well-lit and airy environments, almost always full of plants, increase the well-being of residents. Not to mention the technological and functional objects that make the routine simpler.

All these factors have a positive impact on the quality of life of residents. Together, they help to understand why those who adhere to this style do not regret it. By mixing different textures and neutral tones, with splashes of color for some punctual contrasts, the Scandinavian decor provides everything you need to live in the best possible way!