How to Open a Store?

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How to open a shop? It is a question that many ask themselves when they want to start a business but do not have clear ideas on how to move and act. In this guide, I explain in general terms what are the steps to take to set up on your own. It should be noted immediately that opening a shop is certainly not easy. There are numerous bureaucratic requirements to be resolved but fortunately, the trade reform has considerably streamlined procedures and is much simpler now than in the past. The only particular attention that must be paid is to the specific regulation of each municipality, where different rules often apply. For this reason, the first thing to do is to go to the SUAP offices of the Municipality in order not to have surprises when things have already been done.

Table of contents

  • How to open a shop: the choice of commercial premises?
  • Start a commercial activity: the SCIA to the SUAP of the Municipality
  • Open a bar, restaurant, hairdresser, betting room, clothing …: the minimum distance between two shops
  • How to open a shop: conclusions?

How to open a shop: the choice of commercial premises?

Watch the Video of how to open a Milan Chamber of Commerce store.

Having ascertained what are the requests of each municipal administration regarding commercial openings, the tasks to be solved are few. Starting the shop is the most complicated part in terms of practicality. In fact, among the most important discriminating factors for opening a new store, there is undoubtedly the choice of the venueLocation and size are key to laying the foundation for success in your industry. However, this depends a lot on the budget you have as I don’t think it is difficult to find a free place.

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First of all, you need to ask yourself a specific question: is it better to rent a room or to own one? It is not always easy to answer, especially since the variables involved are very numerous. It would always be better to open a shop in local property, for the simple reason that the fixed rental costs would be reduced. However, this is only possible in rare cases and if you do not have a room, the best solution remains the lease. With the commercial property rental, you are not subject to any constraints and when you decide to close, you have no obligations. Upon expiry of the lease of the shop, you can leave the premises and avoid paying the monthly rent. L’buying a commercial space is a recommended solution only if the business is well underway and you want to consolidate.

Start a commercial activity: the SCIA to the SUAP of the Municipality

Among the documents required to open a shop with the recent commercial reform, there is no longer the license, which has been replaced by the Commercial SCIA, i.e. the Certified Start-up Report. In this regard, read my article on the Commercial SCIA Presentation.
This is a self-certification that must be forwarded to the mayor of the city in which the commercial premises are located. The application must be sent electronically (in the municipalities that provide it – LIST OF MUNICIPALITIES SUAP PROVINCE OF ROME) to the SUAP office. With this document, the owner of the commercial activity declares that his company complies with the rules laid down by the current regulation.

In the event that the business is neither a bar nor a restaurant nor a hotel, it is not necessary to register in the Register of Commerce Operators. This was a mandatory practice for everyone before the reform but now it is only foreseen for activities dealing with foodstuffs. For these types of shops, where the administration of food and drinks is required, the SAB (formerly REC) is required. The SAB course issues a certificate of qualification for this exercise. This can also be redeemed after working for 2 years in the past 5 years in a food administration business as an employee.

Open a bar, restaurant, hairdresser, betting room, clothing …: the minimum distance between two shops

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Again with the reform, all the rules that provided for the minimum distance from a place belonging to the same category were abolished, due to a competition issue. This implies the possibility that two clothing stores may also exist next to each other. Obviously, this is rare, especially if the shops are dealing with the same type of goods. It is a question of inconvenience. Before opening a shop, therefore, it would be advisable to carry out a market study, to know the real situation of supply and demand in the area of ​​interest.

How to open a shop: conclusions?

These are, in general, the things to know about how to open a shop in Rome and throughout Italy. Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to take this step and jump into business, especially in light of the reform that has significantly streamlined bureaucracy and accelerated start-up procedures.
It is necessary to carry out all the appropriate assessments and make informed decisions before starting the activity. L ‘ Starting a business always involves a risk margin, more or less wide, to be taken into account. Always stay with your feet on the ground!