Know what happens in the structure stage of a work

When you sign a contract for the purchase and sale of a property in the plant, you are already looking forward to the completion of the construction, and especially for the delivery of the keys and the move. But did you stop to think about all the processes that take place until completion? One of them is the work structure.

This step is crucial for the project, as it is one of those responsible for sustaining the property. We invited André Chamati da Silva, engineer of the Thera Ibirapuera da Cyrela project, for a chat on the subject. Come on?

The phases of a work

Briefly, the steps in a work involve the foundation, structure and finishing, and it is necessary to give due attention to all of them. André details what happens in each one better.


“On the foundation part, Cyrela has specialized consultants with extensive experience in the market. They adequately specify the type of foundation that will be used, according to the characteristics of each project and the land on which it will be built”, explains the engineer.

They are responsible for providing all technical support to the work team and ensuring that everything is carried out in accordance with current regulations, in addition to carrying out load proof and pile integrity tests to make sure that the project requirements are met.


“Here at Cyrela, we have a tradition, in terms of procedures, that help us to provide more productivity and excellent quality in our projects”, explains André.

All of this is possible thanks to the strict technological control in the use of materials, the experience and qualification of the team of professionals who perform and supervise the services. It is formed by professionals who multiply knowledge and train new professionals, which allows them to continue improving their work over time.


With regard to finishing, André explains that it is one of the phases that draws the most attention. This is where the importance of having a reputable architecture and decoration team comes into play, with proven recognition, capable of offering the very latest in the area.

André emphasizes that there are many precautions and Cyrela is concerned about all of them, ranging from choosing the correct specification for floors and other finishing materials in common and private areas, to the water collectors on the external floors – so that they stay imperceptible.

All this is always done following a Detail Specifications Manual. Cyrela uses this material as a guideline from the project’s conception and project until the construction of the final phase of the work.

The importance of the work structure stage

The construction structure stage is responsible for sustaining the entire building, regardless of whether it is a house or a multi-storey building.

It needs to be strong enough to withstand all the weights and efforts, which include:

  • the weight of the building itself;
  • the occupants;
  • the furniture;
  • the overloads and actions of time.

It is worth noting that any problem needs to be corrected immediately, since the structure is directly linked to the safety of the building and its support.

Main challenges in the construction structure stage

There are a number of challenges that arise during this stage, such as “coordinating a complex chain of inputs, such as: projects, materials, labor equipment — which come from different sources — and placing them in their proper places at the right times so that the activities are carried out”, explains André.

On this last point, there are even some barriers that make the process even more difficult. In the city of São Paulo, for example, there are restrictions on traffic and schedules in some areas, causing material to be supplied at night.

Duration of the structure phase of a work

As for the time, it will depend on the height of the building and the type of structural solution adopted for the project project. There are works in which this phase can last up to 12 months.

The precautions that must be taken to make everything go as planned are many:

  • hiring good designers;
  • a well-designed and executed form, in order to guarantee the geometry of the columns, beams and slabs;
  • a team that optimizes the productivity in the execution of the pavements.

For this, it is necessary a qualified workforce that is in constant training, in addition to the use of quality and certified materials, which undergo a technological control to attest to their efficiency.

How the structure is formed

The reinforced concrete structure is composed of columns, beams and slabs that are called lattice structures. In this type of solution, the walls of buildings have only the purpose of sealing.

“In structural masonry, the building walls have a structural function and receive the slab and its loads, transmitting them to the foundations. There are also metallic structures and precast concrete, which are less used in the real estate market”, explains André.

Why rely on a good construction company

Every enterprise must have the quality of service provided as a requirement, regardless of whether it is an economic or high-end segment. This is true for all segments that make up the company.

Whether with the team responsible for carrying out the work, or with the sales team, which is in charge of serving customers and taking care of the purchase and sale process, it is essential that you have a reliable company in all aspects.

It must offer a specialized workforce in constant training, rigorous control and use of quality materials to create a good structure. These precautions taken at all stages of the project determine the construction company’s excellence and qualify it to carry out the best projects.

As you can see, the structure of the work is fundamental for the security of a property and makes all the difference in the result delivered to clients. When planning the purchase of your property, be sure to research the construction company and find out more about the company’s reputation in the market, combined?