Netflix and gourmet balcony: what’s not to be missed in Generation Y’s apartment

Compact apartments, gourmet balcony, Netflix and Generation Y’s desire to live incredible experiences and be authentic every day have changed the traditional concept of what it’s like to have an incredible apartment.

Authenticity, practicality and the search for new experiences are characteristics of Generation Y. If you are part of Millennials, you probably see more value in being and living than in having.

This generation’s relationship with the home is also changing. Today, home means the place in the world that has your face, where you feel represented, you can feel absolutely at ease, live your way, receive friends whenever you want and recharge after a tiring day.

It is no longer deeds, footage, a number of rooms or number of spaces that make the house so yours and so special, but the life you live there within the four walls. Therefore, each corner of the apartment needs to be thought of from the perspective of the experience that will be lived there, not just in terms of aesthetics.

Gourmet balcony

In new apartments, the construction company has frequently reserved a lot of space for the balcony and compacted the other areas. Thus, the balcony becomes also a living room and kitchen and, when well planned, becomes the most pleasant space in the house to receive friends, enjoy a wine for two or even be alone with a book.

 Balcony with gourmet terrace. Gourmet terrace of the Arte Arquitetura Pinheiros 2 development with barbecue and direct access to the kitchen.

The Normandie Moema has a beautiful gourmet terrace: a comfortable living space with large glazed areas, which offer a modern and stripped to ensure moments of joy and contemplation.

Normandie Moema guarantees an incredible view of the surroundings through the gourmet terrace. Normandie Moema ‘s 149 m² apartment, with more than 6 m in front, guarantees an incredible view of the surroundings through the gourmet terrace.

In a city as busy as São Paulo, there’s nothing better than contemplating a beautiful view to take a breath and enjoy every minute of the day, right?

Netflix space

Regardless of style, profile, habits or fads, all millennials want a nice space to watch Netflix. After all, nothing cozier than a real home cinema, right?

A sofa to sprawl out, plush rug, pillows in piles, a TV as big as possible and intimate lighting create the perfect ambiance for that favorite movie or series.

Netflix space with huge sofa.

The R&L couple has many movies and series as their programming for almost every weekend. For them, a huge, comfortable sofa, plush rug and blackout curtain.

American kitchen

For those without a gourmet balcony, the unanimous request is American cuisine. Optimizing space, making the common area of ​​the apartment more airy and increasing family life are some of the great advantages of integrating the living room and kitchen.

For those who don't have a gourmet balcony, the novelty is the American cuisine. An elegant American kitchen is the home’s calling card.

Vertical garden

The vertical vegetable garden is another darling of Generation Y. In addition to making the apartment more green and cozy, it is a decorative item and also a great incentive for a more balanced diet. In times of “healthy lifestyle”, organic seasonings, without pesticides and easy to be consumed are very valuable!

Vertical host in fit with urban tone.

The vertical vegetable garden breaks the urban tone of the burnt cement wall, giving more life to the balcony.

LED lighting

LED lighting comes in full force. Cheaper, easier to find, with wonderful effects, LED comes to prove that decoration is not only made of decorative items and knickknacks.

The LED strip below the mirror cabinet in this bathroom is unnoticeable, what remains is the intimate and elegant lighting.

Shelves with room dividing niches

The new generation values ​​space and freedom. Fewer doors and windows closed less sense of confinement.

Perhaps because the apartments are getting smaller, the rooms are more integrated. Instead of a rigid, insurmountable drywall wall, hive shelves are increasingly on the rise to separate environments and preserve the individuality of those who live in the same space.

Bookcase that divides the meeting room.

What divides the meeting room from the rest of this office is the beehive bookcase, which makes the environment more green and pleasant while allowing meetings to take place in privacy.

It is undeniable that Generation Y has changed the way they relate to many aspects of life, including, of course, their own home.

The authenticity and valuing of lived experiences have made a person’s home their favorite place in the world, whether through a beautiful gourmet balcony or a cozy Netflix space. Much more than specific decorating trends, the new generation is there to teach us a simpler, more practical way of living full of identity. Such an invitation is difficult to refuse, right?