Paper flowers – See the step by step of this simple, easy and cheap decoration

You’ve probably seen, at a party, decorations made with paper flowers and felt like doing it, right?

It’s very common for people to get intimidated and think they won’t be able to perform such a task, after all there are many models of paper flowers available, there are several colors, sizes and models.

So, to show you how wrong they are, we made this tutorial. With this step by step, you will learn, in a simple way, how to make paper flowers using A4 sheets and make three different models of paper flowers for decoration.

1 – Bond paper flowers

For this first model, you will need two sheets of A4 bond paper, a stapler, glue, scissors and about 3 minutes.

Make a fold two fingers’ width apart.

Paper Flowers Tutorial 01 - How To Make Simple A4 Paper Flowers

Turn the sheet over and repeat the fold, until the entire paper is folded.

Paper Flowers Tutorial 02 - How To Make Simple A4 Paper Flowers

Repeat this process with the other sheet.

Paper Flowers Tutorial 03 - How To Make Simple A4 Paper Flowers

Glue the ends of the two sheets together.

Paper Flowers Tutorial 04 - How To Make Simple A4 Paper Flower

Now that the two sheets have become one, fold it in half and staple the center.

Paper Flowers Tutorial 05 - How To Make Simple A4 Paper Flowers

With scissors, round the ends so they look like petals. Make one half first.

Paper flowers tutorial 06

Use the first half as a template for the second so the two look the same.

Paper flowers tutorial 07

Now just add the petals.

Paper flowers tutorial 08

Glue the ends together and press.

Paper flowers tutorial 09

Now just repeat the collage on the other side.

Paper flowers for decoration tutorial 10

And your flower is ready!

Paper flowers tutorial 11 - Two paper flower models.

2 – Crepe paper flowers

For this paper flower model, you will need scissors, a piece of ribbon and half a roll of crepe paper (the size of the crepe paper depends on how big you want your flower to be).

Paper flowers tutorial 12

Open the entire roll of paper and cut it in half so that you have two equal, overlapping sheets.

Paper flowers tutorial 13

Now, doing the same process as the previous flower, make a fold two fingers’ width apart, turn the paper over and repeat the fold on the other side. Fold the two overlapping sheets together.

Paper flowers tutorial 14

Do this until all the paper is folded.

Paper flowers tutorial 15

Tie the ribbon in the center.

Paper flowers tutorial 16

Separate the two layers of leaves being careful not to tear the paper from your flowers.

Paper flowers tutorial 17 Paper flowers tutorial 18

You will have crepe paper in two directions. Hold the center tape and push everything in the same direction.

Paper Flowers Tutorial 19

Ready! Sounds too easy to be true, doesn’t it? Test it yourself, the result is beautiful.

Paper flowers tutorial 20

You can make it in various sizes.

Paper Flowers Tutorial 21 - Three models of paper flowers.

And even using two different colors. There are many variations you can use on your paper flowers. Whether in colors or sizes.

Paper flowers tutorial 22

You can even put a small flower inside a large one and make the core.

Tutorial paper flowers for decoration 23

3 – Cardboard flowers

For this simple paper flower pattern, you’ll need cardstock, scissors, glue, a circle-shaped pattern, and a pencil.

With the template, draw three circles on the cardboard.

Paper flowers tutorial 25

Cut the three circles.

Paper flowers tutorial 26

Fold them in half.

Paper flowers tutorial 27

And then halfway through again.

Paper flowers tutorial 28

And fold it in half once more.

Paper flowers tutorial 29

With scissors, round the ends so they look like paper flower petals.

Paper flowers tutorial 30

Use the first one as a template for the others so that everyone looks the same.

Paper Flowers Tutorial 31 Paper Flowers Tutorial 32 Paper flowers for decoration tutorial 33

Now remove a petal from one of them.

Paper flowers tutorial 34

Two petals of each other.

Paper flowers tutorial 35

And three petals of the last one.

Paper flowers tutorial 36

In the first one, from which a petal was taken, apply glue to one of the petals.

Paper flowers tutorial 37

Glue this petal to another, being careful that they overlap.

Paper flowers tutorial 38

Fold the others again and cut the bottom.

Paper Flowers Tutorial 39

At this end, cut a “V” shaped slit. This step will be important when pasting the layers.

Paper flowers tutorial 40

The result should be this:

Paper flowers tutorial 41

Now, repeat the overlapping process and glue two petals to the remaining two layers (the one you just cut out the bottom of). This way you will build the details of the petals of your paper flowers.

Paper flowers tutorial 42 Paper flowers for decoration tutorial 43

Now, with the help of a pencil, roll the petals outwards.

Paper flowers tutorial 44

Including loose petals.

Paper flowers tutorial 45 Tutorial paper flowers for decoration 46

Take the layer with five petals and fold out the bottom “ears”.

Paper Flowers Tutorial 47

Then place a drop of glue on each flap.

Paper flowers tutorial 48

Glue on layer with six petals.

Paper flowers tutorial 49

Repeat the process, pasting the four-petal layer to the five-petal layer.

Paper flowers tutorial 50

Glue the two petals that have been removed.

Tutorial Paper Flowers for Decoration 51

And glue them, superimposed, on the three-petal layer.

Paper Flowers Tutorial 52

Now that you have a layer with three petals, paste it over the layer with four.

Paper Flowers Tutorial 53

Roll up the remaining petal and cut the bottom to decrease the height; thus, we have the flower core, a very important part that will bring more details to your paper flowers.

Paper flowers tutorial 54

Glue it to the center of the flower.

Paper flowers tutorial 55

Ready! We finally have a multilayered flower. Now you can make a beautiful decoration with paper flowers.

Paper flowers tutorial 56

Which paper flower models for decoration did you like best?

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