Practical guide on what to assess before installing a barbecue in your apartment

If you love a good barbecue, you probably already wish you had a barbecue, right? A few years ago, installing this equipment in their own homes was an exclusive privilege of those who lived in houses and had a large backyard.

Over time, however, many architecture professionals have discovered ways that make it possible to install barbecue grills and hoods in apartments. But to make your space incredible — and without problems with the structure or with the condominium itself — it’s important to follow some tips before integrating this item into the environment.

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What are the most suitable models for apartments?

When it comes to barbecue and hood in the apartment, there is a wide range of models on the market. Hiring a company specialized in the field, without a doubt, makes installation much easier, in addition to minimizing risks that could compromise the structure of the property.

To make the best choice, learn a little about the main types of barbecues!

Gas grill 

Ideal for spaces without smoke outlet piping, these models are made of stainless steel and can be lit automatically. The advantage is that the equipment does not generate soot and roasts the meat more quickly and evenly, as the temperature is constant.

It is an ideal type for apartments, but some buildings do not allow the installation of equipment that uses gas on the balconies. Therefore, it is essential to check the Internal Regulation of the condominium before purchasing the product.

Electric grill

They are the most suitable models for small-meter apartments. It can be integrated into areas built especially for this purpose – very common on balconies or gourmet spaces in newer buildings – or, in the case of compact ones, it can be used on a bench inside the apartment.

This barbecue grill is recommended for gatherings with few people and has a specific tray for grease, which makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Another advantage is that it produces little smoke, making it ideal for indoor environments.

Charcoal barbecue

Masonry barbecues are the largest and most traditional models. They are built with thermal material, can be erected in assembled blocks (most common) and have a hood built into the structure.

If your apartment was not built with this option, a meeting with the other tenants will be necessary to decide on the installation of this item, as it may involve an investment in a structure in the entire building for the smoke to escape.

Ecological barbecue

This model does not need hoods, ducts and exhausts! This is possible because its main feature is the absence of smoke.

It works like this: unlike previous models, the charcoal is placed in a specific space on the sides, in order to enclose the grill and the skewers. Thus, the consumption of charcoal is lower, as in addition to conserving heat, it directs it to the barbecue and not to the environment!

Below the grill and the skewers, there is a drip tray that receives the fat from the barbecue, preventing the accumulation of dirt and the production of smoke (since the fat does not drip onto the hot charcoal).

What points should I pay attention to before installation?

Some points are essential to avoid future problems, whether in the structure of the place or in relation to the condominium. Are they:


The first factor to be analyzed is in relation to the size and model of the equipment. In this case, you will have to find the ideal solution to make the best use of the space. After all, there’s no point in installing a barbecue grill that gets too big and impedes people’s circulation, right?

To find the best size, analyze your need for use and the number of guests who usually attend the residence.


Check the place where you want to install the barbecue. It is possible to integrate the equipment indoors, on the balcony or in the gourmet area.

Here, the suggestion is to find the best solution to not disturb the neighbors. In fact, this is the right time for you to consider hood installation and avoid smoke problems. If the piece is installed inside the apartment, use a hood for the stove and another for the barbecue.

With the help of a specialized professional, you should check if the building is ready to receive the equipment! Several essential items such as the amount of energy available in the light panel, outlet for the hood on the building’s facade for each apartment, among others, will ensure everyone’s safety. The Condominium Convention and the Executive Project of the work will be your best friends right now!

Condo rules

Talk to the building manager before investing in installing a barbecue grill. Also, review the Internal Regulation and check all the rules related to the subject. Thus, you eliminate the chance of having problems with the neighborhood and avoid headaches.

Just the barbecue is enough?

With the structure ready, other pieces can be added to the space to ensure the functionality of the environment. It is important to have a bench for support, as well as drawers and shelves to store the barbecue materials.

We must also not forget the importance of the hood or debugger (if there is no duct outlet on the façade, this can be an alternative) – in addition to making the area more sophisticated, it is essential to keep the place free of smoke. Most models are made of stainless steel and despite the fact that installation is very simple, it is important to have a professional you trust to guarantee the correct functioning of the equipment.

Regardless of your choice, remember to always consult the Condominium Convention, the Executive Project of your apartment and count on the support of a specialized company when starting the work. Thinking about these points, you will have a perfect environment without compromising the security of the building!

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