Reconciling the couple’s styles in the decor

Decorated couple suite - couple styles in decor

How to reconcile the couple’s different styles in the apartment’s decoration

She loves the Scandinavian style, while if he could, kept the industrial, modern style of the bachelor era. She wanted to fill the house with little plants, put some pictures and wallpaper in the decoration of the couple’s room, he thinks it’s wasteful and would rather buy that brewery to put on the gourmet porch. Sound familiar? Let’s learn how to reconcile the couple’s different styles in the decoration of the apartment.

Kitchen integrated with Living to suit both styles of the couple in decoration. Kitchen integrated to Living.

This type of discussion is much more common than you think. The moment of change and the beginning of life together under the same roof is very special. They are lifelong expectations, on both sides, brought together in a single moment, and it is essential that in the constitution of the new home, both feel represented.

The decoration of the new house should not express the style of the two individually, but of the couple together. After all, this is where the couple’s story will gain the most special chapters and where the two of you will live the most intimate moments.

Below, we’ve put together some architectural and interior design tips to help you through this most important moment:

1) Take some time to brainstorm your house together

Environments influence how we feel and behave, and the more comfortable you feel at home, the better your life will be, both individually, marital, and socially. And it’s super possible to decorate well spending little. With adequate professional help, we were able to prioritize what to invest in and how to optimize the use of space, always respecting your budget

Decorated couple suite. Couple Suite.

Whether it’s decorating a small apartment, decorating a rented apartment or your own house, it’s always essential that you have your own way.

After all, it’s a delight to come home and see that everything has changed, relax after a long day and just feel good. In addition, an inviting house increases the frequency with which you will want to receive friends and family, which makes the routine even more enjoyable!

Gourmet balcony. Carol and Heitor’s gourmet balcony was designed for them to receive their friends more, with the right to a wine cellar and living wall.

2) Try to find the style that is common to both

Opposites attract, but you sure have a lot in common. And this common style must be very present in your home so that it is harmonious and highlights the connections, not the differences.

Bathroom decorated to suit both styles of the couple in decor.

Clarissa has a more classic style and Chico, contemporary. The combination of the two styles in the bathroom became elegant and personal.

After understanding the styles, a good tip is to make a list of what each one wants to keep from the old life, prioritizing sentimental items and remembering that it is always essential to give in a little!

Gourmet balcony. Paolla and Matheus love to travel. So, on the gourmet porch, we put several references to trips they’ve already taken together, to create a very pleasant affective memory.

3) Talk about what rituals and habits are important to you

If he likes to watch football in the living room and she needs a quiet space to read (or the other way around) for example, it’s important that this is discussed openly. Well-thought-out environments to accommodate these individual needs, even in small apartments, can favor the harmony of your coexistence and avoid unnecessary fights.

Kitchen integrated with Living to suit both styles of the couple in decoration. It is in the American kitchen that Clarissa and Chico like to spend their free time. The bench was designed for the two to be comfortable side by side.

We love it when couples open up in conversations with our team and share a lot of their routine, because, deep down, the decoration must be designed in a personalized way, to suit people, not so that people fit into it.

Decorated couple suite.

Someone always has to work late while the other wants to sleep. It’s great to reserve spaces for each one to have their individuality and still stay together.

4) A well-defined color palette and cool accessories can be the flag of peace

When the styles are very different, it is a great advance to be able to jointly define the color palette of the decoration, as the colors can serve as a link between the different styles

Another cool strategy is to invest in more neutral common areas such as the living room and kitchen and invest in accessories to add charm and personality to the environment. Cushions, paintings, vases and fabrics manage to convey femininity or masculinity without leaving anyone out

Living room decorated to suit both styles of the couple in decor.

In this room, we bet on more neutral tones and leave the colors to the pillows and decorations on the shelf.

We hope these simple tips help you through this special stage! Most important of all is that you enjoy this moment of creating your new home, and start living together in the home you’ve always dreamed of.