Restore the beauty of your mind and home: find out how

You may have heard around that “a clean house is synonymous with a sound mind”, correct? Even today, many people understand the importance of keeping their home immaculate—with objects in their place and zero dirt. By investing in this idea, we are able to have more motivation to perform daily tasks and even more pleasure and well-being. Therefore, we decided to bring to the post some tips for organizing and cleaning the home.

We often follow a modern and hectic lifestyle, making little time available in our schedule to carry out these activities. However, there are some simple practices that can be put into action and make your daily life easier. Using the right products, such as the Cif line, is one of them.

To better understand and avoid problems in your refuge, we bring you relevant information that will change your relationship with your home. Follow up to find out more!

Start with the surfaces

The first step to improve the organization and cleaning of the home is to sanitize the surfaces. That is, furniture, walls, windows and other elements capable of accumulating dust or residue throughout the week.

Ideally, you should always start this task “from the top down” — so that dirt that lands on the floor can be removed at the right time. We recommend that you wipe the tops of cabinets, shelves and other high surfaces with a soft cloth. Let the waste fall to the floor and sanitize it last.

It is also valid to have specific products for this purpose, which must be applied to the structures as soon as the dust is gone, as is the case of Multiuso Cif + Cleaning, Multiuso Cif + care or Multiuso Cif Antibac .

Identify and store scattered objects

Another important detail for you who want to have a healthy home is to keep your belongings always in order. This means that you will need to identify the objects around the house and then store them in their proper places.

If you don’t have enough space and live in a compact apartment, a good option is to invest in the use of niches and shelves, which are great for taking advantage of the free areas of the walls.

In cupboards, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom or bedroom, it is still recommended to use organizer boxes or hermetic pots — always properly labeled to facilitate the search. In this second case, these items are essential to correctly store ingredients for the preparation of meals.

Clean and organize wardrobe drawers

Among our tips for having a sustainable home, we cannot fail to mention the importance of organizing the wardrobe. Often, these spaces have a huge amount of pieces that, in practice, are very little used.

How about collecting unused clothes and accessories and sending them to donations or various bazaars? Once you invest in this strategy, it will be possible to free up a good amount of space and keep your belongings organized in a very functional way.

And it doesn’t end there. At this stage, we also indicate other essential strategies to improve your work. Look:

  • on hangers, organize your clothes by color or type;
  • use proper accessories for organizing the closet, such as exclusive structures for hanging scarves and ties, organizer boxes, vacuum bags and shoe niches;
  • keep clothes that are not currently being used in the back of the closet . Meanwhile, the ones you use a lot on a daily basis should be placed at the front;
  • never keep dirty clothes or shoes in your closet;
  • from time to time, remove excess dust so that your clothes do not deteriorate;
  • use drawers to store socks, underwear, beach or gym items;
  • sanitize the cabinet and drawer structures using the Cif Multiuso sanitizer + Alcohol and also once a week Cif Multiuso Evita Mofo.

Tidy up your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a residence. Not for less: this is where we prepare meals and, often, we also receive our friends and family. Given this fact, there is nothing better than learning how to balance productivity and self-care, right?

A good solution is to eliminate utensils and ingredients that no longer serve much purpose or have expired. Then, clean the cabinets well using products from the CIF line such as Multipurpose + care and, if possible, lining the surface with materials capable of protecting the internal structure and facilitating the next cleaning..

Take care of cif

Remember, too, to turn your attention to household equipment, such as the stove, refrigerator, and so on. To eliminate excess fat, the tip is: take care with Cif! You can use Cif Cremoso , which has 100% natural microparticles, ideal for efficiently removing residues, cleaning without damage, you can count on Cif Cozinha that has maximum power in 10 seconds and is ideal for cleaning areas of food preparation.

Curiosity time

By investing in the organization and cleaning of the home, you will not only be able to put an end to the mess, but, above all, open the doors to a good mood.

A beautiful and well-kept property is essential to bring more joy to its residents, allowing you to release more endorphins — the hormone responsible for ensuring a sense of well-being.

With these issues in mind, whenever discouragement hits, it is worth considering the advantages that will be enjoyed when organizing the environment. This practice is still fundamental to restore the look of furniture and other decorations, prolonging the durability of your decoration. Also, organizing a daily care routine can help keep the house clean without dedicating as much time and effort.

And more: the whole process can be facilitated by using Cif products, which help to keep your corner well cared for, with high performance, cleaning without damage.

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