Spending more time at home? Check out home organization tips

Who never ended up forgetting to tidy up the house? Whether due to lack of time or laziness, it is common to experience this situation. However, during this period of social isolation, it is possible to take advantage of your free time to get your hands dirty. It was with this in mind that we brought some tips for organizing the home.

It may even seem silly, but by putting your belongings in their proper places, you will be able to perceive a lighter, fresher, and perfect environment to ensure the well-being of residents. Some even say that this is a fundamental detail to keep productivity and self-care up to date, as well as fulfilling tasks with more willingness.

But after all, where to start? What are the steps to be taken to make this task more peaceful and pleasurable? That’s what we explain in this post. Read on and learn more!

The importance of quarantine

In recent months, the world has stopped because of the new coronavirus. Considered a pandemic, that is, present all over the world, the disease is infectious and, unfortunately, we still don’t have a treatment to fight it.

Therefore, experts recommend some health care that is essential in preventing the problem. Using fabric masks, always sanitizing your hands with soap and water or gel alcohol and, of course, practicing social isolation, also known as quarantine, are some of them.

However, it is during this time at home that some people may feel bored or even see some psychological disorders and disorders come to the fore, such as anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression.

So that this doesn’t happen to you, the suggestion is to always keep your mind busy. In this case, practicing pleasurable activities and even investing in the organization of the home are excellent options.

The best home organization tips

At first, there are those who believe that taking care of the organization of the house is an animal with seven heads. Don’t fall for it!

With some simple and efficient tricks, you will quickly be able to understand this mechanism and see how your space is more clean, comfortable and prepared for your daily tasks. Below, we’ve counted some of these essential steps.


Organize one room at a time

The first tip is: always organize one room at a time. To do this, you can create a list with the details that need to be sorted by priority. The coolest thing is that there’s no need to organize them all at the same time — it’s possible to schedule a day of the week for each environment.

For example, every three days, you set aside 20 minutes from your schedule to sweep the floors and clean up messy dorms. On the weekend, it’s time for the bathroom to receive special care and so on. That way, it will be easy not to overload and make this activity more relaxed.

Find the best time

It’s no use practicing our home organization tips first thing in the morning if, during this period, you have the habit of being lazy. The secret is to choose the best time for your profile — the one in which we are with a lot of energy (and a good mood!), which can be either day or night.

Following this recommendation, in addition to the space being spotless faster, you will hardly feel tired when performing activities, making your organization routine much more pleasant.

Invest in accessories

There are several accessories that can be used while organizing the home. They are simple tools, however, extremely efficient and that can cause real improvements during this mission. Here, we highlight the organizer boxes, which can be found in different styles, matching a modern or more traditional decor.

When using them, it will be simpler to keep your wardrobe up to date, as you will be able to separate your belongings by category. There are also traditional clothes hangers, accessory and tie hangers, shoe hives, drawer organizers and, of course, labels.

Sanitize your belongings

When it comes to tips for organizing the home, some people imagine that we are just talking about putting each item in its proper place. None of that! This process also involves other essential care, such as cleaning.

In other words, choose the right product for the right room:

For example, Cif Multiuso Creamy is a cleaning and care product made with 100% natural microparticles, which removes the most difficult dirt, leaving surfaces clean and shiny.

For the kitchen: CIF Kitchen removes up to 100% of fat quickly and without scrubbing, with maximum power in 10 seconds. It can be used on countertops, utensils, grills, sinks and is safe for food preparation areas.

For the bathroom: To remove stains from water, limescale, and soap residue, try Cif Bathroom and Cif Cleaner. With water and dirt repellent technology, your sink and mirrors will be sparkling.

For mold or mildew stains, use Cif Tira Limo with Chlorine, which eliminates mold from shower stalls, bathtubs, toilets, tiles, and grouts.

The importance of making the task enjoyable

Did you know that tidying up the house doesn’t have to be a bad thing? On the contrary! One of our main tips for organizing the home is to make this activity more enjoyable. Just place some live music in the room while performing this function. Also, consider giving yourself some rewards after completing each step.

Did you manage to clean the rooms for the day? Excellent! So, now you can meet friends through that video call, or have a mini spa indoors. That way, time will pass faster, while your space will be clean and welcoming.

And it doesn’t end there. Believe it or not, this can be a great motivation to get closer to the family. Consider, for example, delegating tasks so that everyone can participate in organizing the home and you don’t feel overwhelmed. With 15 minutes a day, it’s already possible to achieve a good result — without anyone stressing or compromising on other activities on the agenda. Think about it!

We hope that after these home organizing tips, you have learned how to approach quarantine in a different way. Follow our recommendations and, in a short time, you will be able to take advantage of countless advantages, such as having well-groomed and comfortable spaces, more disposition, and the possibility of getting closer to the ones you love the most.

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