Subscription Clubs: How do they work and which ones should you know about?

Have you ever heard of subscription clubs? The name may even seem new, but this consumer technique has been used for some decades by the population — and long before the arrival of the Internet or the creation of reputable brands in the market. A good example were subscriptions to newspapers, magazines and tuition payments, which were quite common years ago.

It turns out that, with the evolution of some market niches, this sector has also undergone changes. Today, the subscription club is practiced in an online version, by companies that periodically deliver various products or services, ranging from receiving an item at your door, to accessing a streaming platform, like the famous Netflix.

And if you want to know more about this trend or even join a subscription club, this is an excellent time to delve into the subject. In this post, we tell you more about the topic and give tips on the most successful options among current consumers. Follow up!

How does a subscription club work?

We can say that subscription clubs are businesses in which their products or services are marketed on a recurring basis. That is, when purchasing a package, you will start to pay a fixed price for it and, consequently, you will receive the items periodically and directly at your home, without the need to repeat the entire purchase process.

And when we talk about this modality, there are several characteristics that deserve to be highlighted. Among them, we mention:

  • the payment, which becomes recurrent;
  • the possibility of receiving the service or product directly at home;
  • the frequency of receipt;
  • the duration of services or products.

In the case of digital products, which is the case of e-books and online courses, the customer pays a monthly fee and, based on that, has the right to unlimited access to the learning platform or channel.

As an example, let’s use Spotify — a well-known streaming service, in which the user can download the application on their smartphone and listen to music or podcasts without consuming their data.

Usually, the option is available for free, however, it also has monthly plans for those who want more benefits, such as the possibility of skipping advertisements. Very interesting!

Which subscription clubs should you know about?

The good news is that the market is becoming more diversified. In recent years, numerous companies focused on e-commerce have decided to invest in subscription clubs, providing more comfort, convenience and personalized service to the consumers of the future.

By choosing many brands, the customer is assured that he will receive high-quality items, with an excellent cost-benefit ratio, and tailored to his preferences, thanks to a detailed profile analysis. In other words, it’s a very worthwhile option.

Therefore, we have brought some options beyond interesting and involving varied services and products. Below, we list the main ones. Check it out and choose your favorite!

Petiko Box

Here we have one of the best-known subscription clubs in the country — Box Petiko. With a focus on the universe of pets, the service works on a monthly basis and offers its subscribers several interesting products. This is the case for stuffed toys, snacks, toys and sachets. All deliveries are made based on the pet and, if the furry one does not like the gift, the brand is committed to solving the problem.

Book Tag

This is a fantastic alternative for literature lovers. Tag Livros is one of the subscription clubs that sends books directly to your home every month, without having to worry about shopping or any type of bureaucracy. Paying a fixed monthly fee, the company’s curator selects the best titles and sends them by surprise, in editions that are exclusive to its members.


For vain women, Glambox is the right choice. Here, we are talking about a subscription club focused on beauty items, namely makeup, shampoos and skincare products. The box is completely customized and the components are selected according to the member’s needs. Products still tend to vary between national and imported brands. Packages can be monthly, semiannual or annual.

Meat Society

There are also several exclusive subscription clubs for those who like to “eat well”. The Meat Society is one of them. Composed only of noble cuts and to please barbecue lovers, this service allows its subscribers to receive, every month, meat from the largest slaughterhouses in the country — and in the world. There are options for small, large and medium families. Selections also include ancho, angus, chorizo, denzer and many more.

Cosmo box

For those who have just made a property purchase and now need to move on to the decorating stage, Caixa Cosmo is excellent. Considered the first creative products subscription club in Brazil, the service comprises decorative objects, personal items, gastronomy utensils and even stationery items. Together, they will make your space more original and with a very up-to-date decoration. It has something for everyone!

What are the advantages of being a subscriber?

As you can imagine, there are many advantages to opting for subscription clubs. Still haven’t figured out what these good points are? Below, we count the main ones:

  • simplified purchase process;
  • long-term savings;
  • affordable prices;
  • possibility of receiving exclusive products;
  • more practicality.

So, what did you think about knowing more about the subscription club fever? Do you believe that this type of service can be beneficial for your profile and the needs of your family? We are hoping that it will.

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