Tips for renovating an apartment

Image of the interior wall of a house in need of renovation

Buying a new home or renovating your own is always an important moment, but to do it well you need to take some precautions: ideas and improvements can be many, so it is important to take small steps to reach the final result smoothly. The renovation of an apartment, in fact, must be planned in every detail before moving on to demolitions and consequent renovations.

First of all, it must be said that the renovation is not just an aesthetic operation but a real investment to be made in materials, workers, and technicians. It is all these elements that can give the right shape to your dreams and all your expectations.

What are the first steps to take to start renovating an apartment? To help you get started on the right foot, together with (a specialized portal where you can find a lot of information and solutions to renovate your home) we have prepared this list with all the tricks to complete all the jobs.

Table of contents

  • Budget and tax advantages to renovating an apartment
  • The first step to take: The Surveyor
  • Coordinate the start of the works
  • Carrying out of works to renovate an apartment

Budget and tax advantages to renovating an apartment

First of all, it is necessary to read up on the advantages that are due when planning a renovation. Surely you have heard about them from relatives and friends, but you may not know how they work: we are talking about the famous tax bonuses reserved for those who decide to renovate their home.

These incentives have also been confirmed for the current year and allow those who want to renovate their homes to take advantage of some deductions ranging from 65% to 50% based on the work to be carried out.

But why are these bonuses essential? First of all, because they allow you to save money over ten years. They act on the income tax and, therefore, in the tax return you will be able to see a decrease in the taxes to be paid. These deductions give you the opportunity to invest in systems that increase energy efficiency in the home. Therefore, you can take advantage of these deductions for the reconstruction of the plumbing, heating, and electrical systems. The incentives also include appliances and furnishings.

The first step to take: The Surveyor

Having established the budget available and considering the incentives that will amortize the final expenditure, what is the first step to take? Before relying on the workers who will take care of working in the apartment, it is necessary to call a surveyor. This is the most important figure to renovate and he will be the one to guide you in all phases of the work, advising the right precautions for each environment and also taking care of the bureaucratic aspects.

You will communicate to the technician the budget dedicated to the renovation works and this must be respected. Only after this first phase of planning will you be able to dedicate yourself to the related inspections and subsequent drafting of the project. A surveyor can perform a metric calculation with the restructuring hypotheses and comparing himself with you, he will find the most suitable solution.

In the next phase, the technician can dedicate himself to presenting all the necessary authorizations to be able to start the work, such as SCIA or CILA. It will also have contacts with the municipality on which the property is located and will present all the documents useful to start the procedures relating to tax deductions.

The figure of the Surveyor is therefore essential for renovating and he will follow the work and can help you make the best choices in this situation. He will be the first to enter the construction site and the last to leave it.

Coordinate the start of the works

After agreeing on the project with the reference technician, you will have to consult the workers who will take care of the housework. First of all, it is important to focus on the skeleton, therefore, the supporting structure and various partitions. With the technician and the construction company, you can decide if there are walls to be demolished or others to be built.

Furthermore, with the workers of the sector, you will be able to concentrate on the systems and their feasibility and always proceed in order. If, for example, you want to create an underfloor heating system, it is essential that this is designed and installed before the screed and its floor.

Order is also essential as regards the workers to be consulted. If it is necessary to demolish you must first call the masons and then the tilers who will take care of the floor.

Carrying out of works to renovate an apartment

During the work, you will have to take care to always keep order in the things to do. The technician can help you in this operation but it is up to you to decide, at the right time, when and how to take care of the steps following the choice of systems and floors. Remember that you will be able to choose the kitchen and furnishings only when you have the actual measurements for the kitchen and bedroom.

If you really do not have the possibility to follow all the phases of the renovation work, you can alternatively think of relying on a specialized company: it will guarantee you a considerable saving of time but also of mental energy and you will have the certainty that everything will take place in the right way.