Understand how the financial part of the Customer Portal works

The service offered after purchase is a fundamental part of any service. This type of relationship is called after-sales, that is, it is based on the premise that customer service has to take place even after purchasing the product.

In real estate, this becomes even more important. That’s because acquiring a property involves other responsibilities besides moving, isn’t it? In this case, it is necessary to be concerned with finances, inspections, the progress of the work, document analysis, and other essential points.

With this in mind, Cyrela offers the Customer Portal more facility, so that all services related to the property are accessed with practicality, in a simple way, and on a single page.

In this post, we explain how the financial part of the Customer Portal works so that you have the best possible experience. Check out!

What is the Customer Portal?

The Client Portal is intended to be an exclusive information platform. In this way, it is possible to have access to registration data, the status of the work, documents, among other features. Thus, the service allows you to monitor the most important activities in a practical and simple way.

The goal is for the portal to function as a self-service, that is, through this page, it is possible to make requests, such as calling technical assistance and checking payment options.

The ease of services allows for easy resolution and without having to call Cyrela’s call center. In other words, time is saved, as it will not be necessary to call or wait for e-mails to respond, for example. In addition, the Customer Portal can be accessed at any time, so there is no need to worry about business hours to resolve issues.

What is in the financial part of the Customer Portal?

In the “Financial” tab you will find all information regarding financial operations. You can quickly follow the financial statement, view your open bills, pull your income report and anticipate values ​​for your unit, whether the total amortization of the debt amount or a certain number of installments.

In addition, if the payment slip expires, it is possible to generate a duplicate of the charge. For this purpose, the Customer Portal system already performs the calculation of interest and fines.

How important is it to be financially aware?

Overdue installments generate interest and penalties and, for this reason, it is interesting to avoid them. Paying attention to the Customer Portal allows this habit, since all installments, as well as their due dates, are easily viewed.

In addition, the portal allows for financial planning, since the remaining value of the project and the time left to complete it is available.

What are the areas of the financial part of the Cyrela Customer Portal?

Financial statement

The first tab of the financial part of the Customer Portal is the “Financial statement”. In it, you can track the installments that have already been paid and those that will be paid in the future, in an easy-to-understand timeline.

In this section it is also possible to modify activities related to the work. Thus, you can check the costs of each change, such as changing floors and other finishes.

My slips

After selecting the “Financial” tab, click on the “My slips” option to generate the 2nd copy of the expired slips. The screen that will appear on the computer will show which ticket is expired. Due to the expiration of the term, it is necessary to generate a 2nd copy by clicking on this option.

The Customer Portal system will recalculate interest and fines and generate a new payment slip within 48 hours (2 days). This period is necessary because the bank must approve the creation of a new payment slip.

It is important to point out that, even with the payment slip expired, it is still possible to pay directly within 15 days. For example, if the installment expired on April 1st, until April 15th, the customer can still pay at the bank with this same barcode and the recalculation of interest and fine will be done by the bank itself. From the 16th day onwards, it will be inactive, and it will be necessary to generate a new payment slip in the Customer Portal.

Report income

The “Income report” tab is very useful for customers who need information about the property for their income tax return. This is because it is possible to request a statement of the property, its total value and also the installments that have already been paid.


Advance payment slip

Inside the “Financial” tab there is a menu with several items, the last of which is “Anticipation”. After clicking on this option, the first screen that appears is about repaying the debt or anticipating payments.

So, if that’s what you want, you need to click on this option and choose the full installments to pay or enter an amount of your choice to pay off some installments. For example, assuming the monthly fee is $500, you can either pay just the current month’s installment or pay $3,000 and amortize six. In this case, you can pay the first installments, the last installments or indicate which ones you want to pay.

After choosing the value, the system presents three expiration date suggestions. So, just pay the ticket within the stipulated period.

Finally, it is interesting to inform you that when you complete your purchase, you receive a welcome call, congratulating you for the acquisition of the project. In addition, a presentation is made to the Customer Portal, with explanations on how to log in and what will be found in the system.

The service is very intuitive and, therefore, it usually doesn’t generate many doubts. But, if necessary, you can ask your questions in our FAQ or get in touch with one of our consultants!

So, did you find the financial part of the Cyrela Customer Portal useful and complete? Tell us about your experience in the comments!