Understand why American cuisine is so loved and build yours!

The kitchen is one of the most beloved rooms in the house. Origin of the most delicious aromas that refer to childhood in the family, we grew up and continue to love the kitchen, which even becomes an environment to receive friends.

So, more than a decoration trend, the American kitchen reflects the current lifestyle. Maybe that’s why it has been gaining more and more the preference of families when it comes to acquiring or renovating a property.

Integrated into the living room or even the balcony, the American kitchen manages to combine beauty, functionality and comfort. In this post, you will find out more about this space and also how to have the kitchen of your dreams!

Planning Your American Kitchen

A constant presence in the best Brazilian interior projects, the kitchen integrated into the living room and balcony is an example of what is proposed today: increasingly unite the environments, making the space wider and capable of bringing together family and friends.

But this integration does not happen by simply breaking the walls between the rooms. Planning is needed that must take into account information such as the frequency of use of the kitchen and the average number of residents and visitors to the environment, as this makes it possible to delimit the spaces needed for the preparation of dishes, cleaning and storage of utensils and foods.

In addition, the materials you choose, as well as the furniture and appliances, should go into planning — so that your American kitchen is, in fact, the best environment in your home.


The dividing line of the American kitchen for the rest of the environment is usually a counter, which can be a masonry half-wall, a countertop with custom cabinets at the bottom, or even with demolition wood, giving a more rustic feel to the room.

If you purchased a property in the plant, check the possibility of customizing the project and choose the material of your choice, both for the counter and for the finishes.

The important thing, in this choice, is to keep in mind that the decoration must also be integrated, as the whole environment must be harmonious. So, if the room follows a more modern line, it shouldn’t be interesting to have a rustic kitchen.

A great solution to check the environment is to use the same floor in all of them. In this case, the choice must consider the beauty and also functionality that the kitchen needs.

Furniture and appliances

By opting for an integrated kitchen, you will have a space to be used and seen! So, it is essential to be careful when choosing furniture and appliances.

The furniture must dialogue with those of the rooms integrated into the kitchen. So, the refrigerator, the stove, the oven and other appliances must have uniformity. A tip is that all of them are stainless steel, or all white, without losing sight of the rest of the environment.

Advantages of American Cuisine

This type of kitchen seems to only bring benefits to your home, but of course, there are also some points that need to be analyzed before you opt for this format. Let’s go to the advantages:

More contemporary climate

Regardless of whether you opt for rustic or vintage decor, the contemporary atmosphere is guaranteed — and this is due to the breadth given by the integration of environments and by the multifunctional character that these multiple spaces acquire.

More integration between people

Everyday meals end up being very busy and an integrated environment allows for greater interaction between family members. Even if one person is in the kitchen, your child is at the table and another is watching TV, everyone can talk in this space.

In meetings with friends, the person responsible for the dishes in the kitchen no longer needs to isolate himself from the group and, while preparing the ingredients, he can interact, drink and have fun like the other guests.

More space, more lighting

The absence of walls makes you gain more space and also lighting. In addition, the counter that divides the rooms becomes multifunctional — and can be used both by those in the kitchen, as support in preparing food, and by those in the living room, to make daily meals.

As the walls block out natural light, a large space without them ensures pleasant lighting, as well as beneficial air circulation for residents.

Disadvantages of American Kitchen

Nothing in the world is without its drawbacks, not even the much-loved American cuisine. However, you will see that it is possible to work around the problems if you choose to have this environment in your home.

Dispersion of kitchen smells

The aromas from the kitchen can be delicious, but it is not interesting that the smell of fried food or the cooking of certain foods circulates through the house and becomes impregnated in the furniture.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a powerful hood — as well as good ventilation — to dissipate the vapors as soon as they are produced.

It is also essential to choose furniture in the room with materials that do not absorb odor — or even treat them with odor-repellent substances.

Loss of storage space

The elimination of a wall brings several benefits, like the ones we’ve already seen here, but in contrast, the kitchen loses a place where cabinets or shelves could be installed to store food and utensils.

This problem can be overcome if the property project has a pantry to store the products.

The constant need for organization

Your kitchen has now been highlighted, it is beautiful and your good taste is reflected in every detail. But all that is lost if you leave dirty dishes in the sink or food and dishes out of place. A kitchen that is visible at all times needs to stay clean and tidy, or your whole house will look messy.

To prevent this from happening, in addition to a modern dishwasher, you can reserve space under the counter, for example, for a cabinet that holds items such as crockery, cutlery, and even groceries – such as cookies and cereals – of use. more constant. This makes it easier to stay organized without a lot of work.

Now that you know how to make your home even more beautiful and comfortable, enjoy and share these tips about American cuisine on your social networks!