Vintage decor: learn more about this style that combines comfort with classic

Having an organized and stylish house is the desire of many Brazilians. After all, by having space the way we always dreamed of, we are able to feel a greater sense of well-being and, consequently, we are more willing to carry out everyday tasks. Following this thought, many residents are investing in vintage decor.

It’s a way to make the environment personalized and able to reflect your particularities. Very popular in the world of architecture and decoration, this option is excellent to make the property a real work of art. The best part is that it can also be produced very easily – just be a little patient and, of course, delve into its characteristics.

After all, what is vintage style? Is it possible to apply this idea in a residential apartment? We will explain all this information in this post. Read on and learn all about the topic!

What is vintage style?

Before starting your decor project, it is interesting to delve into the differentials of vintage decor. They are original elements, of the highest value and marked by boldness. Often, these objects are still reused, showing their style and laid-back tone.

Among the colors that stand out in this scenario, we can mention the brownish, beige or orange nuances. Different textures, floral prints, porcelain, crystals, buttons, tall furniture and lots of volumes are good examples.

What’s the difference between vintage and retro styles?

Initially, there are those who confuse vintage with retro style, since both are very similar. However, it is in the vintage decoration that we find objects that, in fact, originate from past decades — from the 1920s to the 1970s.

They can be pieces inherited from the family, or purchased from antique shops, thrift stores and other mines. Usually, when we talk about these elements, we refer to furniture, silverware, crockery, decorative items and any other antique but a well-preserved object.

In the retro composition, in turn, there is a wide variety of pieces that look aged but were produced by current brands and with new raw materials. This is the case of refrigerators with a vintage design but produced with all current technology. There are also some companies that develop sound equipment, televisions and furniture capable of following this proposal.

How to decorate using vintage style?

The vintage decor is a mix of charm, nostalgia and warmth. One advantage is that it is not difficult to compose an environment within this proposal. For that, you will need to invest in key elements, which will be largely responsible for leaving the space with more personality and authenticity. Below, we have the main ones.


As we mentioned, one of the highlights of the vintage decoration is its furniture. Old pieces, which have been used for decades, can be part of this production.

One suggestion is to invest in classic armchairs, especially those in greenish tones and capable of housing some colorful and crochet pillows. There is also the possibility of resorting to racks, tables or chairs formed by the famous “stick feet” — details that marked past decades and help make the space look very different.

Decorated boxes

Here, we have another indispensable element in vintage decor — the stamped boxes. Found in numerous patterns and cutouts, these objects are used to store documents, jewelry and various accessories. In the home, they can be placed on top of side tables, dressers or shelves, bringing more color and information into place.

Kitchen items

When it comes to vintage style, the kitchen is one of the easiest rooms to decorate. In this space, you can invest in white porcelain dishes, plates with floral prints, dish towels, cups and saucers in pastel shades, as well as napkins and tablecloths with lace and embroidery.

When setting up a table, it is still possible to include flower arrangements, in large and small vases, to create an interesting contrast.

Floral finish

Floral patterning has a strong presence in vintage decor. The advantage is that you can take this detail to different finishes inside your home, using wallpapers or tile adhesives.

In relation to fabrics, such as sofa blankets and bed linen, the recommendation is to follow the same proposal. In order not to create a result too exaggerated, try to coordinate these elements with others based on neutral tones. White, beige, gray and off-white fulfill this function very well.


Warmth is constantly transmitted in vintage environments. To achieve this, you will need to invest in the proper use of lighting. In these places, the idea is to avoid the white lamps, which are known for ensuring an artificial and very monotonous look.

Instead, go for the yellow LED options, which are economical and perfectly suited to the style. Here, it is valid to use indirect lighting chandeliers, such as sconces, pendants, strings of lights and lampshades.

If you want to do, even more, there are lamps and chandeliers, which are great when used in the living rooms. Examples of this are the gourmet area, the balcony and the living room.

Wooden parts

Of all the raw materials, wood is certainly the one that best fits the style of vintage decor. Natural and rustic, these pieces are great to reinforce the cozy proposal — even more, if you reuse a dresser or closet that was used by your family.

Does the furniture show any damage? All good! One solution is to apply a coat of paint, varnish, or simply replace details that have been damaged over time.

More modernity

Many residents wonder about the possibility of making sophisticated decor have a modern feel. Fortunately, achieving this effect is very possible — just combine your old elements with others typical of today’s environments. Mirrors, metallic finish details, 3D texture, plaster and concrete are part of this list. Very simple!

Did you see? Having vintage decor can be easier than it sounds. Before investing in yours, make sure this proposal matches your personality — and the rest of the family as well. Thus, everyone will feel satisfied and well-being at home.

If you liked the post and want to continue delving into this universe, take the opportunity to check out another article and find out what to rate when visiting a decorated apartment. Until later!