With a large green area, the Grand Panamby stands out for its location and quality of life


Homelike apartments and extensive private preservation areas appear as an oasis in the middle of the city. Grand Panamby offers a solution for those who dream of living in a good location without losing their quality of life.


4 minutes from Marginal Pinheiros, the condominium is strategically located, with easy access to the main business centers of the city. In addition to all the offers of trade and services in the region, the Grand Panamby is just a few minutes’ walk from Burle Marx Park, a landmark in the city.

The condominium is over 13 thousand m² and has a preservation area of ​​4 thousand m². The perfect combination of attributes that are rarely found in the city of São Paulo: space, green area, and good location.


The architectural project gives the resident the feeling of living in a house. All apartments from 134m² to 185m² have a double-height living room, 5.2m high. All details were thought to improve the use and the user’s daily life. Private social hall, marked spaces and private deposit are some of them.

Get to know the main attributes of the project now:

Natural refuge in an excellent location

Next to Marginal Pinheiros and with quick access to large business centers such as Berrini, Chucri Zaidan and Vila Olímpia, the neighborhood is the best option for those who want to live relatively close to work without losing the family lifestyle that Panamby offers.

The Grand Panamby is still a few minutes from Shopping Morumbi and Jardim Sul, as well as schools, restaurants, gyms and supermarkets.

Next to Marginal Pinheiros, the condominium is strategically located in the city

The neighborhood was planned and built in the late 1980s on a previously untouched portion of the Atlantic Forest. Its green landscape and well-kept streets evoke the feeling and peaceful atmosphere of a country town. Therefore, they attract those seeking quality of life.

In addition to the tree-lined streets of Panamby, the condominium has 4,000 square meters of preserved area and a plot of more than 13,000 square meters, providing residents with more health and well-being to live close to nature.

The development is a 10-minute walk from Burle Marx Park. A reference for those interested in art and architecture, part of its gardens are designed by the artist Roberto Burle Marx, the greatest exponent of national landscape architecture.

Its more than 100,000 m² offer more than a space for contemplation and physical activity. The park has a schedule of free weekly activities such as yoga, kung fu, meditation, watercolor and other classes. Organic fairs and Food Park also take place every week.

Aerial view of Burle Marx Park

Grand Panamby is just a few minutes’ walk from Burle Marx Park.

Leisure and safety (for real)

One of the main advantages of living in a condominium is security. In addition, the various leisure options reduce the time spent commuting around the city, providing freedom for children and peace of mind for parents.

https://live.apto.vc/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/live_grand_panamby_spa.png Patricia Anastassiadis signs decoration project for the SPA and common areas

Three swimming pools, one of which is covered and heated, two game rooms, a recreational court, fitness area, playground and playroom are just some of the options offered by the Grand Panamby.

https://live.apto.vc/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/live_grand_panamby_piscina_coberta-1.png The indoor heated pool is one of the various leisure options offered in the condominium

To receive friends and family with space and convenience, residents will have at their disposal a gourmet space, barbecue, pizza oven, and a ballroom.

As a differential, the condominium also has a home office, home cinema and spa.

Grand Panamby: apartment that looks like a home

Since 1976, Candusso Arquitetos stands out for its balance between bold aesthetics and functionality. With iconic projects such as New York Penthouses, Premium Tamboré and M. Ferraz 339, it is in the DNA of the office to use double ceiling heights in residential projects, a detail that, in addition to being elegant, brings comfort to the resident.

The name of the enterprise is not Grand by chance. In addition to the large common area, all plants measuring 138m², 163m², and 185m² are provided with a living room with a ceiling height of 5.2m. Vast natural lighting and ventilation give the resident the feeling of spaciousness of a home. This feeling is reinforced by the terraces in the suites and the connection from a bedroom to the balcony by a balcony door, an option offered in some plants.

https://live.apto.vc/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/live_grand_panamby-1024x682.jpg Living with double-height gives elegance and sophistication to the project

The apartments have 2 to 4 parking spaces, all demarcated. Details like this make all the difference in the daily life and use of the apartment. With a private social hall, the resident welcomes you with more privacy and elegance. The 163m² and 185m² units also have a private deposit to store whatever you need. Gourmet terrace, integrated living room, toilet, dependence and service bathroom are common to all types.